This is a very detailed affidavit from GEORGIA denying ALL corporate existence and standing in court. This affidavit MUST BE MODIFIED BY ENTERING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (note capitalization carefully) AND THE STATE, COUNTY, AND CITY INFORMATION TOGETHER WITH THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE DEMANDING AGAINST YOU.

Four copies of this affidavit should be printed; one copy forwarded to the City Police or Sheriff Department in time to give them five days to respond. Thirty minutes before you enter the court, take the remaining three copies, filing one in their court clerk office and having the clerk time stamp the other two. Then give one to the prosecutor when you enter the court room. Keep the remaining copy with you in court in case the judge did not receive his copy. 

The way it has gone for us in SIMILAR situations is, when you the “defendant” name is called, you stand and answer and the judge will then look to the prosecutor and ask him the anticipated action of the charges. The prosecutor (speaking in low tones) usually replies that the evidence is lacking in this case for prosecution, or something in that manner, and the judge then dismisses the case.

This affidavit has worked in over 500 such cases without fail, because the prosecutor can not or will not prove by their personal testimony made under oath that the corporations or trusts listed in your affidavit lawfully exist. They also never take the time to obtain certified true copies of the corporate charters to place into evidence. When an affidavit is un-refuted then it alone stands as the truth in a case.  If there is no plaintiff in court to bring charges against you – the judge must dismiss the case, no plaintiff – no evidence      =     NO CASE   =    CHECKMATE !!

   Affidavit of Denial of Corporation and/or Trust Existence

Comes now, First Middle: Last, a living, breathing man, Sui Juris, and after having first personally and duly affirmed according to law, states that as your Affiant, I have first hand knowledge of the facts herein, and I am competent to testify, and the facts herein are true, correct and admissible as evidence in this matter. I invoke my full Sovereignty under the Common Law to appear Specially and not generally, being compelled to appear under duress and under the force of arms, to challenge all of the alleged Plaintiffs’ purported Claims of Sovereignty issuing from any Rights of Title of Contract, inclusive of Plaintiffs’ Claims of In Personam and Subject Matter Jurisdiction. This affidavit is provided with clean hands in good faith to rebut and remove all fictitious presumptions held in this matter.


I hereby DENY that the following corporations and/or trusts exist:







LARRY I. PHART, and the





ALL OTHER CORPORATE OR TRUST MEMBERS who are, or who may be, associated with any claim or complaint against my natural living body.

And further, I declare:

That the above listed entities spelled in all capital letters are not natural persons as mandated in the OGC section 1-2-1.

(a) There are two classes of persons: natural and artificial.

(b) Corporations are artificial persons. They are creatures of the
law and, except insofar as the law forbids it, they are subject to
be changed, modified, or destroyed at the will of their creator.

And further, I declare:

The above named fictitious entities thus have no lawful standing in the instant matter. They simply do not exist. No man or woman, regardless of the nature of their official duties or employment, may continue this criminal fraud and thereafter say that they are not on actual and constructive notice of the foregoing or that they have official or personal immunity which permits them to avoid the consequences of ignoring this affidavit and its subject matter. Confer at FICTITIOUS NAME and FICTITIOUS PLAINTIFF, Blacks Law Dictionary.

And further, I declare:

I am who I say I am, a living man, as declared in the Bible by GOD’s Law.

It is an undisputed fact that I am not a “person” as that term is defined by statute law or the colorable persona ficta named in any document and spelled with all capital letters as, FIRST MIDDLE LAST, or any other variation thereof, to confuse this court. I am not the artificial person that the prosecutor makes that I am in order perpetuate this fraud upon the court.

And further, I declare:

It is an undisputed fact that neither the Constitution for the State of GEORGIA nor the Constitution for the United States of America operates upon this Affiant, nor do they bind Me to any Specific Performance, neither by Assumpsit nor by Contract, neither in Law nor in Equity. Neither the Constitutions nor the governments they created are thus capable of imposing any Lawful Jurisdiction upon this Affiant.

And further, I declare:

It is an undisputed fact that every man or woman making any statement used to controvert any portion of this affidavit must personally make such statements of fact into the record, after swearing a lawful oath to tell the truth made under penalties of perjury, and only in proper written affidavit form, affixing upon said affidavit, their proper full Christian or family name as a signature, legally notarized for identification, otherwise, they are admitting instantly that they have no standing, no subject-matter jurisdiction, or other lawful jurisdiction and ALL the Affiant’s statements made herein will stand unrefuted as the true evidence and law in this matter and default will thus be obtained by their silence or evasion. Any proceeding without first refuting in lawful affidavit form, into the record, each of the above listed undisputed facts, will thus be admitted as deliberately committed in bad faith as a criminal act and as a trespass against this Affiant.

And further, I declare:

This action must be dismissed with prejudice as a Common Law Nuisance in the interest of justice as all required elements of subject matter jurisdiction and the Right of due process are missing and the entities involved are proceeding only in bad faith by and through the deliberate criminal actions of their agents and employees. Absolutely nothing has been established in the record that the court has any lawful jurisdiction to proceed against this Affiant. All proceedings, which may issue further without first showing clearly in the record the full nature and cause of the proceedings, to include each participant’s legal standing and the subject matter jurisdiction, in personam jurisdiction, or any general or special jurisdiction, are and will be null and void, ab initio.

The invalidity or unenforceabilty of any one or more sections of this affidavit will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining sections, or the entire affidavit.


I affirm that all of the above facts, statements and affidavit is true and correct. I affirm that I am of lawful age and am competent to make this affidavit. I hereby affix my own signature to all of the affirmations in this entire document.


Subscribed and sworn, with reservation of all my Rights and Immunities without prejudice.

The ______ Day of the Eighth Month Two Thousand and Nineteen Anno Domini

First Middle: Last – Sui Juris

All-Purpose Acknowledgment

On this______day of Month, in the year 2019 A.D. The foregoing document was acknowledged before me, a Notary Public. The Affiant, First Middle: Last, a natural man, personally appeared and proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the sovereign sentient being who subscribed to this document and attested to the truth of this affidavit with his signature. Purpose of Notary Public is for identification only, and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction.

Witness my hand and official seal.

Notary Public

My Commission Expires:______________

Certificate of Service

I certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing was HAND DELIVERED the ____ day of Month, 2019 by filing in the court’s record and/or delivery in open court to the judge and prosecutor.

         First Middle: Last

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