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An attorney may be “licensed” (given permission) by a court in which he is allowed to practice, BUT THEY ARE NOT LICENSED BY ANY STATE OR GOVERNMENT.  Any such court-granted license (permission) implies that the attorney functions in the court only in capacity of exercising a privilege, and also implies that the court is a Bar-Association tribunal.

An attorney’s only purpose is to make money for himself, as well as vastly more money for the various government/municipal corporations he works in. An aspect of this endeavor is keeping the law obscure and incomprehensible to “laymen” through obfuscation, complexity, duplicitous definitions of words, off-point irrelevancies, and misdirection. If laws, codes, and “legalese” are too arcane for laymen, who speak other languages, such as “English,” it will forestall comprehension by “ordinary people.” Whether or not a Defendant is found guilty, fined, or goes to prison is most often secondary to the attorney’s fee, if not entirely irrelevant.

The word “attorney” comes from “atorner,” a word from old French meaning to “turn or twist.” Attorneys do not practice, and never have practiced, law; they preside over the feudal ceremony of attornment, a ritual whereby the homage (allegiance, pledge) and service of one feudal lord are turned over to another lord, both operating under king-granted privilege. In feudal England the fiefs (landed estates, sub-divisions of feuds) included not only the houses, barns, tools, and domestic animals, but the serfs/peons who were indentured (bound) to the land. Peasants and their progeny were passed with the fief whenever a change of lords occurred, due to inheritance or otherwise. Freedom was unknown and scarcely even thought about.

This role of attorneys, operating under a title of nobility, remains intact to this day, merely functioning under different guise. The mass of the world’s population live as peons under a contemporary feudalism of the rulers and privileged aristocracy that attorneys serve. By such means attorneys (knowingly or otherwise) effect the commercial/legal rulership of the Crown and bankers over the United States and its assets, i.e., every “citizen of the United States,” pledged in bankruptcy. A seminal article on the nature and foundation of these matters is The Shetar’s Effect on English Law- A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land. 5 It is highly recommended that anyone interested in understanding what/why things are as they are in our world today read this article.

There are many disadvantages to you if you are being represented by an  Attorney bar member. A living being involved in a court proceeding may incur adverse consequences by being represented by an Attorney bar memeber, based, inter alia, on considerations such as the following:



Representation by an attorney bar member waives defects of process in the trial of a case.

Having an attorney automatically surrenders jurisdiction to the court, via “general appearance,” divesting the one being “defended” from accessing unalienable rights, standing in law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, capacity to speak for or defend himself, and opportunity to challenge jurisdiction through “special appearance.” As an officer of the court, no attorney can fault the court, contest jurisdiction, or subordinate the court and Bar Association to the genuine rights of his client.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, states under “In propria persona”:  “…pleas to the jurisdiction of the court must be plead in propria persona, because if pleaded by attorney they admit the jurisdiction, as an attorney is an officer of the court, and he is presumed to plead after having obtained leave, which admits the jurisdiction.”

No man can serve two masters. Obligations and duties of attorneys that transcend yours include superseding allegiances to such causes as:

a. The court, of which he is an “officer” and to which he is obligated and beholden;

b. The private Attorney Bar Association that let the attorney “pass the Bar” after going through “law school” and being indoctrinated into something that emerges at the end called an “attorney”;

c. The “public,” i.e., government, which today is the private, international equity-admiralty Law Merchant of the international bankers, rulers, and money powers who have achieved a virtual worldwide, monopolistic ownership of law, money, and the bankrupt corporations mislabeled “governments.”

Having an attorney is tacit confession that one is incompetent to manage his own affairs and must be “represented” (“re-presented”) by someone with prior and superseding allegiance to the same organization that indicts, prosecutes, and judges him. Such helpless status is known by a number of designations, such as “child of the state” and “ward of the court” (legally, wards of court are infants, incompetents, and persons of unsound mind).

Corpus Juris Secundum defines a “client” as “one of unsound mind, or an infant.” When you are represented by an attorney you are considered an object, unable to speak for yourself, a “thing” at the mercy of those who are all part of the same cabal. You are, in essence, rendered impotent. As an old Spanish proverb notes: “Better to be a canary in a cat’s mouth than a man in the hands of an attorney. “

No attorney can give testimony or be a credible witness in court, since they deal in hearsay on behalf of undefined fictitious legal persons within/under the rules and regulations of the private Bar Association and it’s privately copyrighted codes. Attorneys do not speak for/as themselves based on firsthand, personal experience, but argue and discourse in second-hand information (hearsay).

No attorney can represent a real, biological being, but only represent corporate entities, such as the all capital-letter name of the “Defendant.” All such legal fictions are presumed to be owned by the very system that is prosecuting and judging an accused. In these private, commercial courts, therefore, the system tries a legal person, ens legis, that the system presumes to have created and to own. The real being presumed attached to the fictitious entity, i.e., the all-caps name, gets to go along for the ride at the end of the process when fines and sentences are administered.

An illustrative example is: Who or what, for instance, are the “PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA,” or “JOHN P. JONES,” the alleged Defendant named in all caps, or even the “SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA”? Do these words refer to real people? Corporations? Trusts? Associations? Estates? Where is their legal domicile? Where is their charter? Who are their officers? Are they in good standing? Do they have capacity to sue and be sued? Where is the nexus and contract between them and you? Who is authorized by law to enforce any alleged defaults on said contracts? The whole thing is a farce-undefined fictions prosecuting, being prosecuted by, being defended by, and being judged by undefined fictions.


The Attorney Bar Association is a closed union shop to which all prosecuting attorneys, all defense attorneys, and the judges belong. It is a private association with its own particular agenda, goals, policies, codes, and motives, which are necessarily different than those of any particular individual since they are the perspectives of other living beings. An Internet search for such terms as “fraternal orders,” “private associations,” etc., yields interesting results, lists the American Bar Association as a “private organization.”

And who are the owners of the private Attorney Bar Association? The American Bar Association is a branch or subset of the BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY Bar Council of England and Wales, implementing the agenda of the English Crown, et at. By presiding over the making and administering of law and government, the Bar Associations and their legions of attorneys serve to transplant the locus of sovereignty and control, and transfer wealth and property wholesale, from the American people to a foreign power. Although the British ownership of the Bar Association is concealed, some researchers have dug to the truth. Some clues, of course, are expressly manifest, such as the fact that the term “Esquire” is a title of nobility in the British class system of contemporary feudalism signifying a member of the English gentry ranking between a “gentleman” and a “knight.” Every attorney operates under a title of nobility granted by the Crown. Definitions substantiating this assertion include the following:

Titles of nobility are of course unconstitutional in the USA per Article I, Section 10, Clause 1.

a. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged, 1976. “A man belonging to the higher order of English gentry, ranking immediately below a knight. . . . Applied to various officers in the service of a king. . . In the U.S. the title belongs officially to lawyers…”

b. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “esquire,” in part, as: “Applied to various officers in the service of a king. . . In the U.S. the title belongs officially to attorneys. . .” The term “esquire” comes from the Latin word scutum, “shield,” and signifies “one who bears a shield against those whom the king wishes to engage in battle.”

c. Webster’s New International Dictionary, 1943: Nobility, attached to hereditary rank irrespective of office, and grouped as (1) Greater ­Prince, Duke, Marquis, Count, Earl, Viscount, Baron; (2) Lesser – Baron, Knight, Chevalier, Ritter, Caballero, Esquire, Noble.”

Oxford English Dictionary, 1999: Esquire n. Earlier as squire.
[Origin French. esquier (mod. ecuyer)  Latin scutarius shield – bearer,  scutum shield: see, a young nobleman who, in training for knighthood, acted as shield-bearer and attendant to a knight. Later, a man belonging to the higher order of English gentry, ranking next below a knight.  Any of various officers in the service of a king or nobleman. A landed proprietor, a country squire.

The following British companies own the copyrights on Federal and State law (codes) in the United States:

The Thompson Group, LLC, L TD, with offices located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, owns, inter alia: West Publishing Company; Barclays West Group; Bancroft Whitney; Clark Bordman, Callaghan; Legal Solutions; Rutter Group; Warren, Gorham & Lamont, Lawyer’s Coop;

Reed Elsevier owns, inter alia: Lexis; Deerings Codes.


The Attorney Bar Association and the corporate security courts of the staple are private, commercial courts of the English Crown in which the governing law is the private, stateless, largely unwritten Law Merchant, concerning which all judges today are administrators and must take silent judicial notice. Lord Mansfield’s incorporation of this private law merchant into the common law of England sparked the American Revolution.

Concerning this incident Justice Story, in commenting on Swift v. Tyson that had stood intact since 1842 and was overturned in the notorious Erie Railroad v. Tomkins case, 1938, said: “The law respecting negotiable instruments may be truly declared in the language of Cicero, adopted by Lord Mansfield in Luke v. Hyde (2 Burr. R. 883-887) to be in a great measure not the law of a single country only, but of the commercial world.” The fame of Mansfield, whose decisions were deplored by Thomas Jefferson, lay in moving into equity out of the law the action called assumpsit (promise), giving summary judgments to merchants on writs of assistance in the private, commercial courts of the staple.

The celebrated colonial orator, James Otis, in a famous speech, said, “It appears to me the worst instrument of arbitrary power, the most destructive of English liberty and the fundamental principles of law, that ever was found in an English law-book.” John Adams, speaking of Otis’ speech, said that on that day “independence was born.” If we thought that the writ-of-assistance plague was bad then, look at us now. The de jure government is completely submerged and what operates as “government” is private, foreign business interests of a mercantile cartel operating under color (appearance and form only) of government. this enslavement of the people to the Merchant Masters and the entire network of “power elite” that currently dominates mankind on this planet.

All United States District Courts, State Courts, State Attorney Bar Associations, and indeed every State of the Union, now utilize and enforce private, de facto, commercial, British-owned “law” against US/State residents, they are doing business in America on behalf of the Queen under cover and color of State and federal law.

Attorneys are statute “merchants,” as defined in the federal and State business code, UCC 2-104(1), holding membership in their private Bar Associations. There are no state or federal regulatory agencies over bar associations or attorneys in America. All Bar Associations are entirely self-contained and operate as agents of foreign powers over and against the people.

The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, i.e., “NCUSL,” was formed in 1892 upon the recommendation of the American Bar Association (ABA) for the purpose of promoting “uniformity in state laws on all subjects where uniformity is deemed desirable and practicable.” Made up of ABA Attorneys chosen by the federal States, the Conference still oversees the preparation of proposed laws, “Uniform Laws,” which the States are “encouraged” to adopt. For over a century, this process has continued to function, carried out through selective ABA Committees that prepare drafts for review and ultimate approval by the full Conference. Such private “law” dominates the legal landscape in America today. State Bar Associations write State legislation, and then revise legislative acts into codes that are privately copyrighted. There is no discussion on the floor, as matters are undertaken in private.

Inasmuch as the NCUSL invents and devises the “laws” extended over the entire populace, and any accused is prosecuted, defended, and judged, by attorneys implementing their own private agenda, the people are foreclosed by the Bar Association from accessing the judicature.

Attorneys who write and enforce the statutes are all members of an alien organization dubbing its members with a title of nobility, i.e., “Esquire.” This is an inherent conflict of interest between the interests of the people, the true sovereign, creditor, and owner of the country, vis-a-vis a foreign power.

This conflict is a violation of the very Constitution the attorney swears an oath to “protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Life is not the creation, and therefore is not the property, of any particular person, organization, king, queen, ruler, government, corporation, or otherwise. Life is the creation, and therefore the property, of the Creator of the universe. Moreover, as the well-settled maxim of law states: “Commerce, by the law of nations, ought to be common, and not to be converted into a monopoly and the private gain of a few.” 3 Inst. 181, in marg., Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, “Maxims.” The monopolistic abrogation of human rights by the Attorney Bar Associations constitutes involuntary servitude, peonage, and dictatorship under color of law.

Every attorney, just by being an attorney, commits violations of the Constitution of the United States and the laws made in pursuance thereof, e.g., barratry, libel, slander, denial of equal protection under the law, acting on a title of nobility, impairing the obligations of contracts, peonage, extortion, treason, sedition, etc.

No State Attorney Bar Association is registered with the Secretary of State of any State, either as a State corporation or a foreign corporation. This non-registration violates the provisions of State constitutions stating that the Bar Association is a public corporation. In addition, although attorneys are required by State constitutions to be licensed by the State (as is required for all other professions, such as doctor, etc.), no attorney in America today possesses any such license. So-called “attorneys” merely have a membership card in their private Bar Association indicating that their dues are current, but they have no license to practice law.

In California, for instance, attorneys must not only comply with the California Constitution by having a license from the State, but also comply with the provisions of the Business and Professions Code, “B&P.”

B&P § 6067 requires: “a certificate of the oath” to “be indorsed upon” the license of a practicing attorney,

B&P § 6002 states: The members of the State Bar are all persons admitted and licensed to practice law in this State except justices and judges of courts of record during their continuance in office.

Non-compliance with the foregoing requirements of law, i.e., the fact that no license is issued by any State to any attorney to practice law in any State, signifies that every so-called “attorney” in America is unlicensed and may therefore be deemed “practicing law without a license.,,

The American Attorney Bar Association and its various State divisions affect, if not dominate, interstate commerce, in a manner that may reasonably deemed racketeering as defined under 18 USC 1951 and 1961. All Bar Association Attorneys make money from fraud schemes perpetrated by originating endless derivatives and legal fictions. In the words of the celebrated Austrian economist Frederich A. Hayek, “To be controlled in our economic pursuits means to be controlled in everything.”

Ignorant law-enforcement officers do not enforce the law, they only enforce the statutes, rules, regulations, policies, and agenda of an alien, hostile power (BRITISH) of which they are undoubtedly unaware. This leaves the common people in a situation where “the fox guards the henhouse” and there is no police power to offset the monopolistic tyranny of the corporate government.

Statutes do not secure the unalienable rights of the people, they deal only with “civil rights” (privileges) and statutory remedies. The State and federal codes are a condition of politics and the Bar Association courts of the staple, existing and functioning within the private, international, consensual Law Merchant of the alleged creditors in bankruptcy of the bankrupt quasi-governmental corporations. The “United States,” for example, is not a country, but a privately owned, bankrupt corporation operating under color of law and government as a mere front and administrative agency for the would-be creditors, IMF, Federal Reserve, English Crown, et al.

The prerequisites for an attorney to practice in court on the federal level and most States are:

1) to earn a baccalaureate degree from an approved university;
2) attend and graduate from an approved law school;
3) take and pass the Attorney Bar Association exam proffered and graded by law professionals; and
4) serve an informal internship.

After all that, most attorneys lose more than half of their cases. The punishment doled out by the judiciary burdens solely the people and their res. If it takes such education to understand this colorable law, it is reasonable that neither the average American can comprehend the attendant ambiguities and complexities. These facts support the contention that in most cases, as applied to the American people, statutes and their filial relations are “bills of attainder; pains and penalties,” forbidden by the Constitution. 5 71 Georgetown Law Journal, April, 1983, page 1179.


A. On counsel.
[T]he right to counsel is the right to the effective assistance of counsel. McMann v. Richardson, 397 U.S. 759, 771 n. 14 (1970).

There is something specially repugnant to justice in using rules of practice in such a manner as to (prevent a defendant) from defending himself, especially when the professed object of the rules so used is to provide for his defense. Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806, 822-823 (1975).

In re Benny, 29 B.R. 754, 762 (N.D. Cal. 1983): [A]n unlawful or unauthorized exercise of power does not become legitimated or authorized by means of habitude. See also Umpley v. State, 347 N.W.2d 156, 161 (N.E. 1984).


The foregoing fictions and frauds, wielded for the purpose of implementing legalized power and plunder, rule the world today. Everyone alive is adversely affected by this, including the users thereof, who may think that the power, wealth, and career progress obtained through their use of this system is a genuine gain for them.

By utilizing an Attorney Bar system that is innately and structurally a win/lose game functioning through deceit, non-disclosure, and misrepresentation, however, such alleged winners are undermining their own civilization, disintegrating the foundation on which they exist, and serving to destroy their own progeny, families, community, culture, and nation along with the ecology and peace of the planet.

The process is grinding up life and creating unimaginable misery for the world. A re-evaluation of the foundations of the social order might be a worthy undertaking. No system that lacks fundamental integrity and coherence, and is anti-life, can (or deserves to) endure.