“If the American people ever allow private banks (Federal Reserve) to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

                                    Thomas Jefferson

Your Bank Is Stealing Your Money!

BANKING AND FINANCE – Did you know that: “every” bank “loan” in this country is a fraud; the banks are stealing your quality of life and future labor by concealing vital facts from you when you apply for a loan! Read the true facts below and then decide for yourself.

Fact 1: For a valid loan to exist, both parties involved must incur a risk. If one party has no risk, there is no “loan” and no equal protection for them under the law.

Fact 2: For a valid loan to exist, there cannot be an equal exchange. If you hand me $10 and I simply give $10 back to you, there is no loan. It was only an “exchange” of equal value.

Fact 3: For a valid bank loan to exist, the bank must loan you either the bank’s funds, or other depositor’s funds. Which they never do.

Fact 4: When you sign the promise to repay the loan (promissory note), the bank deposits that promissory note in an account and enters it as an asset in their ledger, just as if you had given them a check or cash. It is important that you understand this – by depositing your promissory note, the bank creates new “checkbook money”, which they then give back to you and call it a loan! It is really just an exchange.

Fact 5: After the bank deposits your promissory note, it creates new “checkbook money”, which they use to fund the so-called “loan”. The bank then demands that you pay them back the principal amount, plus interest, even though they never loaned you anything that belonged to them or their depositors. The bank never risked ANYTHING! This is fraud.

Fact 6: If you ask your bank where the money came from to fund your loan, they will tell you that it came from the bank’s funds, or other depositor’s funds. This is a lie. Ask them to show you their ledgers or give you account information to support their false claim.

Fact 7: The bank did not disclose in your loan agreement that your promissory note would be used to create the money/checkbook money used to fund your so-called “loan”.

Fact 8: The bank did not at any time incur any risk; they never loaned you the bank’s funds, or other depositor’s funds.

Fact 9: Thousands of people across America are waking up to the truth and successfully canceling their bank “debt” because of the fraud on the part of the banks.

The truly sad part is that people are being thrown out of their homes for no other reason than they agreed to it in writing at the beginning of the banking process. They didn’t know that they were agreeing to be foreclosed, that is part of the dirty deception of the banksters. The banks have conveniently structured the loan documents to bypass the law so that they can trick borrowers into giving up their rights to the property for not paying the loan servicing fee to the servicing agent, which the borrowers should not have to pay at all.

Most people do not fully understand what contracts they are signing and they don’t even completely read what they sign. You must develop a deep suspicion as to why these documents you are asked to sign at closing are 18+ pages long. It is because the banks know that the forms are long and full of legal phrases and the victims who are signing the contracts are too impatient to fully read them. Even when the banksters send a copy of the contract to the borrowers before the signing, most people still won’t read and understand it. PLEASE READ THESE BINDING CONTRACTS FROM THE BANK FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION. If you don’t understand something either look it up on this website or send us an email. Don’t bother asking your lender, they are the people trying to scam you).

If you have already signed these contracts, there are still remedies and actions you can do to correct the problem. An act of fraud has no statute of limitations attached to it so you can always do something to modify or nullify it, even years later. If anything was not disclosed to you about the loan or transaction it could be a deliberate act of fraud by the bank.  Re-read facts 1 – 9 above.

The contract that you signed was only signed (created) by you and under the law only you can modify the terms of that contract. If you feel you were cheated and tricked into signing something then you have the absolute right to change that document. After all, you were the only one who created the contract and signed it. Remember when the bank sent you notification that they alone are changing the terms of your checking, credit card or savings account agreement (contracts). They were the only party that created those terms in the account agreements.  When you do make changes to the loan contract, the beneficiary, the trustee and the power of attorney, you must notify the other parties concerned. It is preferable to use a private courier service like FED-X, DHL or UPS with a return proof of delivery signed receipt to deliver this notification of modifications.

The only party who has the legal capacity to actually foreclose on a Single Family Residence is the “Secretary of H.U.D.” The H.U.D Secretary will appoint a separate commissioner to handle the foreclosure. This is true unless you gave the banksters permission or authority to appoint their own foreclosure personnel by contract in the 18+ page promissory note documents that you signed. The Secretary of H.U.D. oversees all government regulated loans. If your loan package (more than likely) had a H.U.D. disclosure statement in it, then it still qualifies as being a loan the government has an interest in. So it might still be determined in court that only the Secretary of H.U.D. and not the lender, has the authority to foreclose on your property.

What all this means is that the majority, if not all, of the Single Family Resident loans are of a fraudulent nature and the banking community is deliberately trying to keep you economically enslaved for the next 10, 20, 30 years under your loan contract documents.

If you deposit $100 into your checking/savings account and return a month later to withdraw the funds. Would you let the bank return the $100 to you as a loan and charge interest, or would you demand that they give you back the funds you deposited? Nobody in their right mind would allow the bank to loan them their money back! Yet the bank hides these vital facts every time they issue a “loan”, by stealing and depositing your promissory note, and then loaning it back to you with interest!

All of the above facts are implemented in all banks that are in the Federal Reserve System. For details read more in their own publication, MODERN MONEY MECHANICS.

What an EXCHANGE !!


Best Guru Info will share information with you on how to avoid banking fraud and tell you what you need to know about stopping the banksters.  Don’t let the bastards grind you down.  Contact us by Email.  Click here to go to our CONTACT FORM.

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