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On this page and the following pages BEST GURU will refer to COVID 19 as a virus in order to maintain clarity and continuity with other media. In actuality, COVID 19 NOT VIRUS, it simply does not exist. A virus is not a living organism that can reproduce on its own, it is only a collection of proteins and snippets of DNA or RNA enclosed in a membrane. Since they are seen in and around living cells, researchers assumed that viruses replicate only inside the living cells of an organism. Their belief is that these ubiquitous viruses “can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.”

The entire foundation of the story of the sars virus rests on whether the novel “corona virus” has ever been properly isolated and its entire genome characterized. Many of you have seen news media stories and scientific papers that have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals that claim to have isolated and characterized this new virus.

They are all incorrect.


Difficult to separate and purify, viruses are a convenient scapegoat for diseases that really don’t fit the bacterial model. Colds, flu, and pneumonia, once considered exclusively bacterial diseases, are now often blamed on a virus. Is it possible that scientists will one day discover that these particles, like the once-maligned bacteria, play a beneficial role? Indeed, scientists have already done just that, but old ideas, especially ideas that promise enormous profits from drugs and vaccines — the “one bug, one drug” mentality — die hard.

The original Corman-Drosten et al paper on which all this viral causation is based states that they used an “in silico” genome of an “in silico” virus. “In silico” is Latin for “theoretical.” In common English, synonyms for theoretical are “imaginary” or “make-believe.”

The CDC in its July 2020 monograph states Covid 19 not virus: “no quantified isolate of the 2019-Covid are available.”  In simple English, this means they have no examples of an isolated virus. In Freedom of Information requests, the Canadian health ministry, the Australian health ministry and the governments of many Commonwealth countries also admit that they do not possess any studies that show the isolation of this purported virus. 

Today, the premise that covid 19 not virus is contagious and can cause disease has provided the justification for putting entire nations on lock down, destroying the global economy and throwing hundreds of thousands out of work. But is it contagious? Can one person give corona virus to others and make them sick? Or is something else, some outside influence, causing illness in the vulnerable? Best GURU will describe on these pages, in common language and precise detail, the steps that are needed to properly isolate and characterize this so called virus. We did this so we could empower our readers to learn and understand for themselves how to read and identify fraudulent science. A large task among the many challenges we face, is the rampant scientific illiteracy even in the medical field. STATEMENT  NO ISOLATED VIRUS EVER FOUND (pdf)

Stop the constant government push using covid 19 to control the population. In every country, the number of cases have spiked and the numbers have declined. Now the governments focus on new fear tactics across the planet for the “Case Demic” they want you to believe. Look at how deaths have declined across the world in every country. This “PLANED DEMIC” has been way overblown. 

Let’s go back to the start and focus on the fake study using computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) that projected horrific death figures that governments used to justify putting their citizens under house arrest. All of it is a fraud of such epic proportions that Covid Idiots cannot even fathom what is actually happening around them in the world because it is so criminally insane that even intelligent people struggle to comprehend how anybody could do this.


There are over a dozen treatments used by doctors successfully across the world, some with 100% success, yet all of them have been hidden by the news media and the doctors silenced.

The governments force doctors to play out a fear-based drama where they wait for people to advance their symptoms and get sicker (instead getting early treatment) until it is too late, and that is done on purpose.

Covid 19 not virus, even with no treatment at all – global statistics put the survival rate at 99.75%, again there is no reason for a vaccine when most of the population survives, this is not as deadly as the computer models predicted that brought the destruction of society and the economy. The cure by mandated by government was far more destructive than the cause.

The fact is people were murdered and that must be investigated, and those people tried for crimes against humanity in International Criminal Court. Withholding a valid working treatment protocol to push an agenda of vaccines and the “great reset” is criminal! Big Tech is also involved in silencing licensed medical doctors across the planet so that makes them culpable of crimes against humanity too.

This was an orchestrated top down crime against humanity. When in your lifetime have you seen every country follow the Chinese model of home imprisonment? Only exceptions are Sweden and Taiwan that are doing very well today while the rest of the world goes into round two of house arrest mandates based on more fake science from focusing on casedemic. When they lock up a country as has been done, you ONLY DELAY the illness, you cannot stop it. Lock downs have been proven in studies to have failed, yet the governments are starting round two of house arrest. While most of the the world is again facing lock downs for months – Wuhan China has become party central in night clubs and thousands of people packed in pool parties.

There are at least a dozen treatment protocols across the world hidden from people as people died needlessly, that is a crime. How about Taiwan with 23 million people and yet only 7 deaths? What they did was early treatment immediately upon anybody suspected or diagnosed (they ignored all recommendations by WHO and China) using steroids to stop the cytokine storm problems where the body was attacking itself and its organs.

Start using critical thinking and questioning, why only a couple of countries did not follow the death protocol put out by the WHO and both did very well. Most of you never read about this because this steroid treatment protocol was also hidden from the planet on purpose as close to a million people were allowed to die. It gets worse because of the Bill Gates sponsored false projections of death governments plunged the world into chaos resulting in 3 billion people falling into extreme poverty and 300,000 people a night go to sleep and never wake up as they starve to death, this is the real death count from all of this few understand and you never see in the fear media that is also involved in covering up the crimes happening now.

The deeper you dig into Covid 19 not virus the more you realize we are witnessing an extreme genocide and the biggest fraud and crime of our century. Does anybody think this is acceptable in a free society that when any doctor that came out to discuss what they were using to successfully ensure their patients lived were silenced and many had their license revoked for curing their patients, this does not happen in “normal times” so they want you to believe in their “new normal” which includes silencing millions of doctors across the planet.

That is not a “New Normal” most people want to be part of the problem is all these crimes and actions against humanity are being covered up. Many doctors are tying to break through the media and Big tech censorship. Here is an open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media

A rushed dangerous experimental vaccine is surely not the answer when only 00.25% (who could have been saved mostly with conventional hidden cures, see Taiwan for an example of cure most people on the planet never heard about as the WHO blocked them from being published! Again the more you dig the more criminal this all becomes) but if you want to learn more about the numerous AstraZeneca victims Read that story about the serious neurological injuries happening to people already in the small trials and another trial with another company also had to be halted, still want a needle pushed in your vein from some greedy pharmaceutical that has zero liability for any injury the cause you when you only have a 0.0025 risk of death doing nothing?

If you do some research you will find in decades they have been unable to make a vaccine that works for HIV which is also a RNA virus, like corona virus, but you expect them to make a safe and effective vaccine in months? I am not against vaccines for serious health issues but I am against a vaccine that is a rushed experimental one and based on a disease that has a statistically small mortality rate, so realistically insignificant that in most of the population there risk plummets to 0.00005, which is very very close to zero.

Doctors now warn that vaccines being developed won’t work as most will be about 50% effective, hello? Get it? They are prepping people they will need to wear masks and social distance for 2 years due to the inability of the vaccines coming to work. HELLO??? You thinking yet?

I will not take that COVID-19 gene therapy vaccination and neither should you or anyone else. Why should anyone take it? It doesn’t prevent infections from coronaviruses. It doesn’t stop the spread of coronaviruses. It won’t even save your life from a severe case. Whether it makes any symptoms easier is debatable. PCR tests stand embarrassingly debunked by 22 top scientists who found 10 fatal flaws with the test. That flawed PCR test was the basis for the fraudulent claims that the shot was effective. The covid vaccine trials were designed to fool people, and you’ve been fooled.

The COVID-19 gene therapy isn’t even a vaccine. They will ruin your immune system, and the massive antibodies they make are already outdated by viral mutations.

When people start dying in massive numbers next fall and winter, you will know the truth. You were lied to and scammed.


If you have an experimental vaccine you rush to market that is not even going to be effective, what is this REALLY ABOUT? Wake up and think. The more you dig the more you realize the crimes happening before our eyes. People need to stop being brainless and use their brain on their shoulders. There is no reason for a vaccine when almost 100% of high-risk individuals can be treated successfully using conventional protocols.

There is no reason for a vaccine when at best they project 50%, possibly 75% success, which leaves most and the vulnerable still unprotected. There is no reason for a vaccine when critical lifesaving safety studies and trials are being skipped over dangerously, that normally take 7 to 20 years to create a safe vaccine. There is no reason for a vaccine when large numbers of people will be injured from this experimental vaccine because those risks are not justified ethically when only .00025 are at risk and with conventional treatment therapies, if allowed could reduce the risk to 0.000005!

Instantly realize that mathematically globally there is statistically insignificant risk if doctors were allowed to utilize conventionally available treatments, even including high risk groups such as older and those with co-morbidity. There is no reason for a vaccine when 99.75% of people survive without ANY TREATMENT and close to 100% would survive with TREATMENT BEING BLOCKED FROM USE TO FURTHER THE FEAR AGENDA.

Witness to this fact is the success of Taiwan using steroids only 7 deaths in Taiwan out of a population of 23,827,863 as well as other doctors using nebulized steroids and other drugs to successfully block the replication of the virus in the lungs of those high risk groups ie older and co-morbidity.




There is proof HCQ works early and post treatment (lessor extent) This is information that is hidden from the public because if the public knew this they would understand there is no reason for an expensive vaccine when there are existing treatment protocols in the world with close to 100% survival with early treatment. 

Now after you dig deep on medical sites and learn the truth being disclosed here your next question will be why were people murdered then if they could have been treated? Why the endless push of extreme fear instead of focus on doctors were doing that was working in many cases 100% treatment protocols?

Why were doctors silenced? Why did doctors have their license revoked for curing patients using conventional therapies?

That is the just the beginning of the questions people must start asking? Why are they pushing this agenda? Who benefits from this death and destruction? Those are the people that must pay for their crimes against humanity. You can start here Bill Gates has an economic agenda and it aligns with UN’s push for a dangerous Marxist “Great Reset” proposed by Klaus Schwab.

I don’t know about you but their “new normal” looks awfully like the old crimes of the last century. History repeats itself, when people forget it. Forgetting the past does not abolish the crimes of the last century where 130,000,000 were murdered by the very people they trusted to ensure their safety, their governments and the leaders they lived under! History will get this correct and people will look back and say how could they have been so stupid when covid 19 not virus.