Declare Your Independence

Enjoy Some You-Time

The world seems to be growing in complexity every day. Much of today’s new technology makes it easy to make improvements in our lives. The key is to focus first on a few doable projects that fit into your present lifestyle without a lot of adjustments. So don’t wait any longer to get started. The time has never been better to try new things and then really enjoy your new independence.


You Can Do It

        Anyone can make anything.

A determined person, working on the weekends, can do many projects, build a house, or create a new means of communicating across great distances. And this inventive spirt begins by tearing things apart and rebuilding them again. I cannot claim to have been the kind of person who always did that. My instincts around technology were to just use things only when they were in perfect working order and not to dismantle or modify them. But my years of just being a “user” have taught me that that instinct is the wrong one. There is simply too much technology to play with now not to mess around with it. When a determined person brings his or her inventive instincts to bear on the gadgets and gizmos that fill our lives, great things can result.

Learn by Doing It Yourself

But this site isn’t necessarily only about building great things. It’s also about just messing around, and modifing stuff, usually for the simple fun of it. The projects on these pages are based, in part, on the years we’ve spent watching the lone, sometimes crazed tinkerers who don’t just use technology, but take it apart and change it, just to be able to take pride and say they’ve done it.


The Best Experience Ever

I’ve always been reasonably handy, but when it came to real hands-dirty, open-things-up-and-rearrange-the-parts hacking skills, I was a complete novice. So I got into the DO-IT-YOURSELF world the same way any experienced DIYer would start to work on a project. I did some research, some reading, talked to seasoned tinkerers, and then dove right in. The key to DIY is knowing what you can achieve. As long as safety issues are never compromised and building codes are adhered to, pushing your own perceived limitations a little further than you would have thought possible will provide a great deal of satisfaction. By challenging yourself, you build up new levels of skill, aptitude, and, ultimately, confidence. We believe that the secret to your success in any project is taking the time to plan, to budget, and to hone your abilities. Compromise is often required, and finding the correct balance between these competing elements often comes down to experience. We have tried in this section of best guru info to pass along and cram as much of our own experience as possible into the following pages to give you a head start and to add to your own knowledge and skills.


   You really only need two tools — WD-40 and Duct Tape.

If it doesn’t move and it should, use the WD-40.

If it moves and it shouldn’t, use the Duct Tape.

   We wish you great success with all of your projects.