This page is our ever growing collection of DIY VIDEOS. These are for firing up your inspiration and not detailed HOW-TO-DO-IT videos, so let your imagination go wild and create something great yourself. Make science fair projects or decorate your house or workshop. Some items would make special one of a kind gifts.

3D DRAGON — easy to make using some clear casting resin and a fine pointed paint brush. TIP – let each layer of casting resin harden — before trying to paint on it…..

CARDBOARD ROBOT – great technique for Halloween – little theater – or school plays. You could also make animals – planes – boats – statues, or anything you can dream up.

STICK FALL – if you have way too much extra time – with nothing to do — try this to while away those hours.

WATCH WORKS – if you ever considered making your own mechanical watch or clock – this is a great introduction.

PENDULUM – how is this for precision mechanical timing — not recommended for earthquake prone areas.

KNOCK IT OFF BOX – with an attitude.  I think you will agree that this is the best one ever made.

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