I have said it before and I will say it again. You never, ever “cooperate” (talk) to any Federal or State law enforcement agent, period. You also do not cooperate with any benign and obvious local police requests for information. You may think you are being a good citizen and, maybe, their questions are legitimate and for a worthy purpose. Maybe. But you do not know that. That professional agent may be a good, patriotic American doing noble work, like catching Chinese spies. Maybe. But you do not know that.

I have been interrogated in two extremely serious “investigations” at the Federal level. I had done nothing at all wrong but one was politically driven (from the White House) and one was driven by ambitious bureaucrats. In the first instance I got (expensive) legal help before I hanged myself by talking to the agents. If I had not, I would have lost my job at the very least.

In the second investigation, my wife and I were being set up for a totally false obstruction of justice charge. Again, my legal counsel saved us and turned the table on these people and actually forced them to apologize. Let me again give you my best advice: You do not ever talk to the FBI, AGENT or any other COP no matter what they tell you, no matter how they threaten you.

It is really simple, all COPS do not care if you are guilty or innocent if they have marching orders to screw you. If you are innocent but they have to charge you because of orders from above, and you are stupid enough to speak to them, they will simply lie about what you said and then claim you lied to them. Presto! That is obstruction of justice! They draw up their finding of “facts” for the judge. If what you say contradicts what they say is a “fact”, you are guilty of obstruction of justice. Oh, sure, you will eventually have your day in court sometime next year and if you are very lucky you will be found innocent and exonerated, after you have already spent months in jail, spent boxes of money, and lost your job and everything you own.

I am not suggesting that law enforcment routinely goes around rousting and entrapping innocent people; they are too busy and really don´t care about you. Unfortunately, if you have the “wrong” political views they will do anything and everything to put you behind bars, including lying, planting evidence, using snitches, threatening your family, visiting your work place in a very obvious manner, surveilling you, bugging your house and intercepting your telephone.

The vast majority of people are ordinary patriots who love their country and are disgusted at that has happened to it. Few of them would ever dream of breaking the law. They thought they were merely exercising their Constitutional Rights by joining into these patriot groups. Suckers. ALL of these groups are ALL infiltrated from top to bottom by human vermin working as police informants. ALL OF THEM.

You do not join a group with a cute name. You do not fill out an application. You do not tell anybody you are an “Oathtaker” or “Proudboy” or “militiaman”. You work locally and only with people you know well, you put nothing on paper or a computer or cellphone. You do not use social media. You organize quietly, under the radar. Keep it small, keep it tight. Trust me. Tens of millions of Americans are doing this, quietly preparing for the inevitable. Do not make yourself an easy target.

Do not draw any attention to yourself. Do nothing and write nothing that can be used against you. Do not take any stranger into your confidence. And if you find out that a friend, relative or neighbor has turned into a Federal or police informant, such as those Biden is trying to create, make sure everybody knows. There are a million ways to do it quietly and expose the police informants without them knowing it was you who warned other people and ruined their cover.