Not a DRIVER ???

Let’s start off on the correct foot with the pedal to the metal…. You are probably not a “DRIVER” as that term is defined in law. NO DRIVER LICENSE NEEDED for PRIVATE autos and DRIVERS.

A DRIVER uses the public roads commercially to earn a living. People such as a truck DRIVER – bus DRIVER – taxi DRIVER – Uber-Lyft DRIVER, delivery DRIVER, are all required to have a DRIVER LICENSE while TRAFFICKING in commerce when driving on the roads for pay. Most people who are traveling on the roads for pleasure to go shopping – take the kids to school – or going on vacation, are not DRIVERS. Here is an illustrative example: A taxi driver drives home in his taxi and parks it in his driveway. He is required to have a DRIVERS LICENSE. He goes into his house and his wife asks him if he brought home the milk she needs. He says No, I will have to go out and buy it. He leaves and gets into his private automobile and travels to and then back home from the store. He does not need a DRIVER LICENSE because now he is not traveling on the roads commercially.



Constitutional authority for the licensing and taxing of PRIVATE automobiles and OPERATORS does NOT exist, and today is largely based on the early legal word-games played by lawyers in the state legislatures acting in violation of the constitutional mandate of the “separation of powers.” The “motor vehicle” statutes were designed and written to purposely confuse free civilian travel on the public roads with the taxable profession of commercial “DRIVING” — the hauling of passengers or freight for profit.

State ID Card

The motor vehicle statue code is a huge hodgepodge of often self-contradicting, Machiavellian, and calculatedly incomprehensible rules and regulations. The administration of this network of nonsense requires huge armies of overpaid government employees, chosen for their innate indifference to other people, and rigorously trained to work at cross purposes with the millions of befuddled and frightened people who labor and suffer in what is left of the private sector. It was and still is folly to put people with these loony ideas in charge of our lives and our destinies. And it is degrading to meekly submit to the torture they put us through as they wrest away our RIGHTS and our freedoms.

Each of the states Department of Motor Vehicles is closer to the Nazi Gestapo than most of us have the courage to admit. The use of the police for intimidation and armed threats to evoke stark fear in the populace is a deliberate strategy. In fact, drivers’ licenses are only thinly disguised police ID cards. Do you forget how to drive when moving across town, or into another state? Then why isn’t the driver license you got in another state the year you graduated from high school still as “good” as the high school diploma you earned that same year? The answer of course, is that the government through the police, must always know your current address so that they can control you.



In cases of any disagreement brought before a judge, your guilt is presumed, and self-incrimination is made a requirement, as you are forced to sign the traffic ticket. Most terrorized citizens simply pay the money they do not owe just to avoid the stress of prolonged bureaucratic harassment that occurs in the courts. Harassment that is always dispensed by a corrupt judicial government employee and not an impartial arbitrator of truth and justice as mandated by the constitution.

George Washington did not have to stop by each state capitol along his route, and sign up for the 18th century equivalent of a “photo ID” or purchase a metal state registration number plate to hang over his horse’s rump, when he moved from Massachusetts and on through Connecticut, rushing to defend New York in 1776 and Philadelphia in 1777.

Let’s dispense with one popular fallacy. Traffic tickets have nothing to with highway safety. We want to emphasize that traffic tickets and traffic law enforcement are not synonymous, and the first should not be considered a necessary component of the latter.

State and local governments learned long ago that traffic ticket financial sanctions have little deterrent effect on motorists. Some might argue that fines could be increased to the level that motorists would be sufficiently intimidated to obey the law. In reality, large fines increase motorist resistance to paying high fines and instead, they demand a trial. Trials take all the profit out of their system.

Eventually the “point system” was developed wherein a chronic violator would lose his or her drivers license if sufficient points were accumulated. It’s the points, not the typical fine, that catches the average drivers attention.

As the saying goes, “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist” to figure out why the traffic ticket system has survived all these years, despite the fact that it does nothing to improve highway safety. The obvious answer is “money.” We’re talking about a $15 billion dollar annual income stream just from fines and insurance surcharges. But, the reasons go deeper than just putting extra cash in government coffers.

Traffic tickets virtually fund many court systems. Traffic tickets justify the existence of entire police agencies (state highway patrols). The number of traffic tickets issued is the measurement criteria for enforcement budget requests and personnel performance ratings. Traffic tickets are used as an excuse to raise the insurance rates for otherwise safe drivers to the cumulative total of billions of dollars each year. And, in some instances, traffic tickets from speed traps virtually fund small town government.

The public toleration of this licensing system is a sign of spiritual and intellectual decay. It is not healthy or desirable for a free people, such as Americans are supposed to be, to jump through hoops on command, grovel for favors, submit to involuntary servitude, and cower in the face of personal assaults on their privacy, their wealth and their common sense.

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Enjoy Your FREEDOM

If you are now wondering what to do because you received a traffic ticket or were stopped and unlawfully searched while driving your car, or if you were formally arrested, and taken to jail read the rest of the pages in this section.