Electronics by Discovery

The subject of getting started with electronic circuits is big,  broad and deep, but don’t panic! You only need tackle the small steps at first — to be comfortable and progress at your own speed. We don’t expect you to have an engineering degree or a complete work shop.

Who is it for?

Primarily, this web page is intended to act as an introduction and guide to someone just getting started with electronic circuits. It covers the basic tools and techniques. If you are somewhat experienced with electronics, you’ll find the sections useful as a workshop reference for specific kinds of tasks. The later sections focus on specific how-tos: cables, connectors, measurements, and maintenance.


Why learn electricity and electronics?

Solve Problems

By learning how technology works, you become better able to control your world instead of being controlled by it. When you run into problems, you can solve them instead of feeling frustrated by them.

Our Guru is someone who can explain anything.


Do Electronics

Learning about electronics can be fun, so long as you approach the process in the right way. It is also very affordable.

This section is a must see for any aspiring novice electronics experimenter who wants to learn from the best.

Make Money

Knowledge of electronics can enhance your value as an employee, or perhaps even lead to a whole new career.

Modern employers won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.



Practice makes perfect

Most introduction guides begin by using cold definitions and theory to explain some fundamental concepts. Real circuits are only included to demonstrate what you have learned. This section works the other way. We want you to dive right in and start putting components together without necessarily knowing what to expect. As you see what happens, you will learn what’s going on. This is learning by discovery, which is more fun, more interesting, and much more memorable.

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment.

Let all of the magic smoke out

Working on an exploratory basis, you run the risk of making mistakes. But we don’t see this as a bad thing, because mistakes are a valuable way to learn. We want you to burn things out and mess things up, to see for yourself the behavior and limitations of the parts that you are dealing with. The very low voltages used throughout this section may damage sensitive components, but will not damage you.


Learn from the very best

Here is a short video of God teaching electronics theory that you won’t ever forget. We slowed down the second part so that you can see all of the little details – like the lights going off in all of the houses….

See how easy your first lesson was…. Now you understand why your mother always told you to never stand under a tree during a storm.  If you are outdoors in a storm try to get inside quickly.  Leave open areas and never stand under trees. It is safe to stay in your automobile – but turn off the engine and electronics and do not park under electrical wires or near a railroad trestle as the train tracks can conduct lightning a long distance.