Now here is an idea that totally destroys the claim that an EV electric vehicle is a “GREEN MACHINE” that does not pollute the environment – if you ignore all of the smoke and fumes from the burning Teslas. The top picture shows an electric vehicle at a charging station powered by a diesel generator which is burning diesel fuel. This of course obliterates any claim of driving a green non polluting EV vehicle. This on a small scale is the same as what occurs at your house or at a charging station. A generator somewhere recharges the EV by sending electricity over wires to your EV battery.

The stationary generator here is being run by an internal combustion diesel engine which is just as inefficient as a non electric internal combustion diesel car which averages only about 30 percent efficiency in converting the energy stored in the diesel fuel into mechanical energy to move the vehicle. Because the stationary generator is only slightly more efficient than a car’s diesel engine it saves only 1 – 2 percent on the emissions level. But if you also factor in the 70 percent heat and electrical losses, then this system is just as polluting as a regular diesel car – so the clean advantage of the EV car is totally lost.

Now what would be really amazing is if they could shrink that stationary diesel generator down to a size that would fit entirely inside of the passenger car. A smart German engineering team headed by a guy named Rudolf could probably discover how to do away entirely with the electric motor and battery that drives the car along with the generator and electrical charging station parts and save considerable weight and space inside the car.

Then maybe after several years of research and development they could come up with a method of connecting the diesel engine to directly power the wheels by using some gears in a transmission and a drive shaft. If they put in a fuel tank to hold a few gallons of diesel fuel – then the car would be able to travel several hundred miles instead of the 60 to 100 miles that the EV does using its battery. It all sounds really complicated (I am not a mechanical engineer) but I bet they could do it. The Guru thinks that a non EV diesel engine car would really sell and thousands of people would buy one.

Here is a picture of an EV car being emergency recharged on the roadside by a gasoline powered van pulling a diesel powered generator. All kinds of non green pollution happening here.


Actually the polluting stationary diesel engine powered charge station does have a limited use in some remote areas. What if your GPS told you to make a wrong turn and you ended up in some remote desert or you found your shivering ass smack dab in the middle of Antarctica with a dead EV battery? In those situations this diesel charging station would save the day and let you recharge your EV battery – pollution be damned….