JURY DUTY is real power.  But what can I do to save the country?” folks keep asking.  Get on a jury. After the trial and once you’re safely in the jury room, perform this simple test:

Do you believe the defendant on trial deserves to go to prison, because he harmed a real human?

Who ?

If you’re satisfied the defendant willfully harmed someone without justification, and you can name who that human was, then convict the defendant SOB.

If, however, you can’t figure out who was actually harmed, because the prosecutor only said “the people” or the “government” were the victims. If you hear your fellow jurors talking about how they “have to convict” because the “judge’s instructions are clear” about “what the law says,” you now have a chance … perhaps the greatest chance of your life … to strike a blow for freedom.

Have the bailiff ask the judge to send into the jury room the actual statute book that contains the law in question at the trial, so you on the jury can read it entirely.

If the judge refuses to let you read the actual laws, and only tells you what the law is, then you on the jury must declare without equivocation that you cannot vote to convict a fellow citizen of violating a law, if you’re not even allowed to read the entire law yourself. If you do get a look at the complete law statute, try to determine when it was enacted.

If the law was enacted after 1912, ask your fellow jurors why would a state (or territory) have allowed any such crimes like murder to remain legal for years, not getting around to outlawing it until after 1912?  How about rape?  Kidnapping?  Armed robbery?  Of course not. Everything that should be against the law, was against the law before 1912. Virtually every statutory enactment since then has only been building up the power of the present welfare-police state.

Congress is pushed to pass misguided, unnecessary laws out of fear of being considered soft on crime if it fails to act. It is noted with alarm that more than 40 percent of all federal criminal laws enacted since the Civil War were passed since 1970. It is a much higher percentage for state laws.

Either your jury will be dismissed, or there will be an outright acquittal.

You’re only likely to get the one chance to act as a jurror. They can’t take away your home, bank account or family for voting your conscience in the jury room … yet.  So go for it, change their system and improve the USA.

Refuse to convict any fellow citizen of any law enacted after 1912. If the judge lies and tells you, you have to convict, remember: This is the same government that steals half your family’s lifetime income (50 percent taxes) before you even get to see it, forcing both spouses to work their entire lives so you never get to see your kids (if you could even afford kids) — and then used the tax proceeds to murder women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and to put Red Chinese spies in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House.


In fact, if you can get your fellow jurors to vote unanimously for acquittal on some bogus drug or gun or tax charge brought by the government, don’t stop there. (This may well be the only jury on which you’ll ever be allowed to serve.) Ask your fellow jurors if they’d REALLY like to send the government a message. Write this verdict down or print out this handy 2 page PDF to take with you on jury duty :

Propose the verdict in four parts:

The verdict and finding of this jury is in four parts. Should any part or parts be overruled or held invalid — though we protest no one has that power — the remaining part or parts shall remain true and binding.

1) On all charges, we the jury find the defendant ‘not guilty.’

2) On all charges, and for all his actions to date, we the jury find this defendant ‘innocent.’ Our purpose in this finding is to prevent any government functionary from ever stating ‘The jury only found him “not guilty;” that’s not the same as “innocent.” That’s why we’re still free to proceed with our “administrative or regulatory sanctions”.’ We the jury hereby order — and instruct this court to order, on penalty of summary imprisonment for contempt of court — that the government’s agents not take away any of the defendant’s assets, or professional licenses or privileges, or to seek to punish or discipline him in any other way, for his actions to date, or for any repetition of those actions in future.

3) We the jury hereby award the defendant all his court costs and attorney fees, to be paid by the government, with half those costs being assessed against the budget of the prosecutor’s office and/or the prosecutors who have appeared in this court personally; and half to be assessed against the budget of the arresting police agency and/or the police officers who have appeared in this court on this case personally.

“We also award the defendant compensation of $5000 per day for each and any part of a day he has been incarcerated, to be paid in silver dollars or gold coin, whichever he shall prefer, within 24 hours, and to be assessed against the same government agents just detailed. We also order that all assets seized from the defendant or destroyed or damaged be returned, or –if they cannot be returned in their original condition — that he be compensated for them at their replacement value. This specifically includes (but is not limited to) any contraband, or material or items which the police or prosecutors have held to be ‘illegal’ or ‘controlled.’ “And, if the defendant can demonstrate that he has suffered any interruption of his business, whether that business is legally licensed and sanctioned or not, these same aforementioned government agencies are hereby ordered, instructed, and found liable to recompense this defendant at the rate which would be standard for any major insurance company providing business-interruption coverage in this jurisdiction.

4) This court is instructed by the people of this jury to place the circumstances of this prosecution before an appropriate grand jury now empaneled in this jurisdiction, or the next such grand jury which shall be empaneled, with instruction that said grand jury consider whether the prosecutors and police agents who have appeared in this courtroom, and other government agents unnamed and presently unknown to this jury, should and shall be indicted and charged with the felony crimes of conspiracy to obstruct justice, and of violating this defendant’s civil rights under color of law, with particular attention to his rights under the First, Second, and Ninth Articles of Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, based on the circumstances and actions reported in the official transcript of the court case which, with these words, is now concluded.

                                         “Have a nice day.”


1) Where is the jury’s authority to issue costs against the government agents — or even the government itself? … I don’t understand how you can convict them without the very due process you used as the platform for acquital of the accused in the matter which WAS at bar. …

The question of whether a jury has authority to punish a government individual who has not had a chance to present a defense is a valid one. That’s why we were careful to respectfully demand that the police and prosecutors in “victimless” prosecutions be brought before a grand jury for possible indictment … the proper procedure.

But as for recompensing the defendant after he is found innocent: Where is the justice if the police and prosecutors walk out of the courtroom, free to keep the cars, houses, bank accounts, boats, and most of all the valuable cocaine, marijuana or machine guns they have seized, while sneering to the now “exonerated” defendant: Oh, you have to go to court AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE to try and get that stuff back;    Lotsa Luck!

How is it a “victory” for the defendant to “walk free” if he has served months in jail, likely lost his family, home, and business, and now receives no compensation?

The model here is based on the Canon Episcopi, adopted by the Christian Church in 325 A.D. (at the Council of Nicaea), which stipulated that if someone were accused of witchcraft or sorcery, and FOUND INNOCENT, then it was the ACCUSER who was to be punished as a witch or sorceror.

The whole object here is to inject a “new paradigm” into society — to let the snivelling cops and prosecutors realize for the first time that they THEMSELVES might really be in some jeopardy (if only financial) for all of their lies, fun and games against the citizens.

2) What is ‘magic’ about the year 1912?

Here is why we recommend that the government stop prosecuting defendants based on any law enacted after 1912 …

The reign of the lawyer tyrant, President Lincoln, really started the destruction of the Founders’ constitutional guarantee of a “weak, and limited” federal government. But going back to the 1860s leaves room for hysterics to cry that we’re looking to reverse the liberation of black folks and return to slavery times — which is patently absurd.

Democrats ignored their lack of a “mandate,” and promptly rushed in the graduated income tax — a main tenet of the 1912 Socialist platform — which of course has provided expanded funding for every federal regulatory and police agency we have come to know and hate, since. Although the federal income tax amendment (the Sixteenth) was proposed by Congress in 1909, it was declared ratified (possibly with some degree of fraud) in February, 1913, just as President Wilson and the “Progressives” were being sworn into office after their victory in 1912.

Direct popular election of U.S. senators was rushed through congress between 1912 and 1913, turning them into nothing more than “senior congressmen” out grubbing for popular and corporations votes — destroying the indirect but vital veto power which the state legislatures had held over federal enactments created by the populist House of Representatives.