Marvin, a man of action, just don’t piss him off!

The builder of the KILL DOZER is a 52 year old welder, Marvin Heemeyer, a 6 foot-4 inch, 230 pound, gentle giant, according to most of the people in Granby and Grand County. He lived in Granby Colorado fixing vehicle mufflers. His small repair shop was located near a concrete factory called Mountain Park. To Marvin and his neighbors’ horrors, the owners of Mountain Park decided to expand the factory, and started forcing the people living near-by to sell their land to Mountain Park.


The factory’s neighbors all gave up, except for Marvin. Having tried every way possible, the owners of the factory failed to acquire his land. However all the surrounding land was now owned by the factory, which resulted in Marvin’s shop getting cut off from the rest of the world.

Marvin tried everything in his powers to obtain justice from the local government. Obviously, the City council and other politicians of the state were on the deep pocket factory owners’ evil capitalist side.

It’s not surprising that Marvin lost the case to the concrete plant owners, in court. After that Marvin was also given a $2500 fine for not having a connected sewer line. When paying the fine, Marvin attached a note to the check and ticket that read “Cowards”.

Marvin Heemeyer had finally had enough of being pushed around and told to go to hell by local politicians and public servants, who refer to themselves as “public officials” — the people in charge! Marvin was just one of those good people who were wronged by city hall and he would not give up the fight. It took Marvin 2 months to design the Kill dozer, and according to friends, 1.5 years to build it. Which was later described as being armored with 2 plates of half-inch thick steel, with a foot of concrete poured between them. Later a full investigation was carried out. It was discovered that Marvin’s creation was so strong that even a powerful artillery blow would only cause minor damage. The bulldozer was totally covered in sheet metal, with each piece being at least half an inch thick. In places, the vehicle’s armor was over one foot thick, consisting of concrete sandwiched between the sheets of steel to make ad-hoc composite armor.


To fit the bulldozer with this shell, Marvin had to use a self-made crane. “Lowering the protective armor onto the vehicle, after he got in the drivers seat, Marvin knew he wouldn’t be able to get out”- said police officials. Marvin packed the interior with supplies such as water, food, ammo and a gasmask. To control the kill dozer, Marvin used 3 monitors and a couple of video cameras. In case the cameras were being blinded by dust, they were fitted with compressed air blast wipers .


On the afternoon of 4 June, 2004 during a rainy day Marvin rolled out into town on the bulldozer reinforced with the metal sheets. He started with the concrete factory, destroying building after building, until the factory was demolished.


Then it was the city council’s turn.


Followed by the town hall, then the bank, the public library, the fire station, a warehouse, the local paper and other buildings belonging to the mayor.


Despite the great damage to property (15 buildings were destroyed, most requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to be replaced), no one besides Heemeyer was injured; observers noted that Heemeyer appeared to go out of his way to avoid injury to bystanders. The governor said that the city looked as if a tornado had just gone through.

Having tried to stop Heemeyer, the police finally understood that Marvin’s bulldozer was unstoppable. More than 200 bullets were fired at the vehicle, causing no harm at all. The police force then decided to battle the titan with hand grenades. Once again their efforts were useless. Later a vehicle rigged with explosives was put in Marvin’s path to destruction; it also had little effect in stopping him.


All the police were able to do, was evacuate 1500 inhabitants (the town’s population was 2200) and block all the roads, including a federal highway that lead to the town.


While most news media has reported that some unidentified witnesses said that Heemeyer was firing shots form his homemade tank, other witnesses who were less than 100 feet from the 53 ton vehicle say that Heemeyer never fired a shot, that only police and sheriff’s deputies were firing. No one was hurt or injured during the 2 to 3 hour melee, except Marvin Heemeyer,

Marvin’s war ended at 4:23 PM. Having just finished destroying the Gambles Mall, the bulldozer suddenly stopped. The only thing that could be heard coming from Marvin’s death machine was steam out of a damaged radiator. At first the police officers were too afraid to approach the thing. Trying to get Marvin out of his fortress, they had to make a hole in the armor. After SWAT and sheriff’s deputies spent an hour using a cutting torch and 3 separate blasts with military high explosives, they gained entry through the top of the make-shift tank. When they finally got through, Marvin was already dead. He wasn’t going to fall into the enemy’s hands alive. Grand County Sheriff’s Office released a statement claiming that Heemeyer shot himself in the head with a .357 magnum pistol, and that the pistol was found on the floor of the bulldozer. Heemeyer’s body wasn’t removed until several hours later, because the cops said that they feared Heemeyer may have booby trapped himself.


While Undersheriff Trainor and the Colorado State Patrol are now claiming that Heemeyer tried to kill two Colorado State Troopers who were hiding behind a concrete wall, this contention is a reversal of earlier statements by cops, who said emphatically that Heemeyer seemed to be going out of his way to avoid hurting anyone, that it was only buildings and vehicles that he was targeting with the slow moving machine. None of the eye witnesses support this story. To the contrary, eyewitnesses confirm that Heemeyer never used his homemade tank aggressively toward any people — only buildings and a few automobiles. Trainor was quoted by the press as saying that as soon as he arrived in town, “I knew that this guy had to be killed to stop this.” Some cops it seems, just can’t wait to get to pull the trigger!

Heemeyer’s rampage, as press and news media have widely reported, was precipitated by a four year losing battle with the town council of Granby, who, despite widespread opposition from residents, altered town zoning codes and ordinances, to allow Mountain Park Concrete to build and operate a cement batch plant next to Heemeyer’s muffler shop, a move which forced Heemeyer out of business due to the dust and pollution from the cement plant.


Many Granby residents are calling for Governor Bill Owens, who visited the site of Granby’s destruction, to order the Colorado Attorney General to conduct an investigation of the Granby Town Council and Mayor Wang in regard to their dealings with Mountain Park Concrete.

Mayor Wang and some of the council members have acknowledged that Heemeyer and others in the past, made allegations of such impropriety and illegal actions, but all say that they did nothing wrong. At least two Granby residents have said, on the condition of anonymity, that Wang and council members have refused to acknowledge whether or not they have received any financial contributions to their election campaigns. Efforts are now underway, under Colorado election laws, to obtain these records.

It has been confirmed that Heemeyer does not have any criminal record, so it remains, “Why does the Colorado Bureau of Investigation have a file on Marvin Heemeyer? Is it for a concealed carry gun permit? Or, as some concerned citizens have said, ‘Wang, the town council and certain Grand county authorities have created an ‘enemies’ list of the people who are politically outspoken and who have opposed various actions of the town council or the county commissioners.’ ” It is a well known and widely practiced act, in Colorado and around the country, for police and sheriff’s departments, and other agencies, to compile such lists.

Those who have spoken against him seem to be at a loss as to why nobody is corroborating their statements, or disputing them. Others are pointing out the city’s greed factor — the insatiable lust and desire for MONEY — and their indifference to whom they hurt in their pursuit of that capitalistic gain. Is Edward Wang and the Granby Town Council just another bunch of greedy money whores? One of the council members was complaining Sunday afternoon, that they feared that Heemeyer’s act of destruction would hurt the town’s tourist income. But as many people noted, weekend tourism appeared to be about triple its normal rate, with many curiosity seekers coming to town just to see and photograph the aftermath of Marvin Heemeyer’s last ride. His brother, Ken Heemeyer has been quoted as saying of Marvin, “He was one of the best guys out there. He would bend over backwards for anybody.”

Nobody was hurt, save for Marvin Heemeyer, who now lays dead. He wasn’t the “son of a bitch” Mayor Wang claims. Wang, it seems, just hates people who believe in a legal, constitutional process, and who have the audacity to challenge and question elected public servants. Peons and serfs beware! The stories and the facts don’t jive, their attempt to demonize a man described by everyone else in Granby, as being a kind, gentle and helping kind of guy. “Marv was the kind of guy who’d do anything to help anybody — he was just simply a nice man. He was pushed into this by the corrupt local government people.”

“He was a fine lad”, – said the people that were close to Marvin. “The local government shouldn’t have made him angry”. “If he was your friend, he was your best friend. And if he was your enemy, well he was your worst and most dangerous enemy.”