What good is one man and a handgun against an army…..?

A reader recently asked the Guru this question: “If or when our Federal Government comes to pilfer, pillage, plunder our property and destroy our lives, what good can a one man army with only a handgun do against a governments army with advanced weaponry, tanks, missiles, planes, or whatever else they might have at their disposal to achieve their nefarious goals?”

I accept the possibility that what happened in WWII Germany, or similar, could happen here and I’d like to try to answer his question. The subject is a serious one that I have given much research and considerable thought to. I believe that the answer to this question depends the future of our Constitutional republic, our liberty and perhaps our lives.


One of the founders of the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, once told me: “If every Jewish and anti-nazi family in Germany had owned a Mauser rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition AND HAD THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would only be a little footnote in the history of the Weimar Republic.”

Note well that phrase: “AND HAD THE WILL TO USE IT,” for the question, “What good can a one man army with a handgun do against a full army?”

It is a military question. It is also a political question. But above all it is a moral question which strikes to the heart of what makes men free, and what makes them slaves. First, let’s answer the military question. Most military questions have both a strategic and a tactical component. Let’s consider the tactical.


This is a little piece of history. It is a small, crude pistol, made out of sheet-metal stampings by the U.S. during World War II. The U.S. manufactured a million during the war, not for our own forces but rather to be air-dropped behind German lines to the resistance units in occupied Europe. They called the pistol the “FP-45 Liberator.” Not a bad name, all in all.


It fits in the palm of your hand and is only a single-shot gun, but it’s powerful .45 caliber projectile will kill a man with brutal efficiency. Crude and slow (the fired case had to be knocked out of the breech by means of a little wooden dowel, a fresh round procured from the storage area in the grip and then manually reloaded and cocked) and so wildly inaccurate it couldn’t hit the broad side of a French barn at 50 meters. However, to the resistance man or woman who had no other firearm it still looked pretty damn good. With its short, smooth-bore barrel it can reliably kill only at point blank ranges, so its use required the strong will (brave or foolhardy) to get in close before firing.   It is less a soldier’s weapon than an assassin’s tool.

The theory and practice of its use was this:

First, you approach a German sentry with your little pistol hidden in your coat pocket and, with Academy-award acting sincerity, you ask him for a light for your cigarette, or the time the train leaves, or if he wants to buy some non-army food or perhaps a half-hour with your “sister”. When he smiles and casts a nervous glance down the street to see where his Sergeant is at, you blow his brains out with your first and only shot, then grab his rifle and ammunition. Your next few minutes are occupied with “getting away,” for such soldier critters generally go around in packs. After that (if you evade your late benefactor’s friends) you keep the rifle and give  your little Liberator pistol to a fellow resistance fighter so they can do the same and get their own rifle and ammunition.

Or maybe you then use your new rifle to kill the Sergeant when he comes running and take his sub-machine gun. Perhaps you get very lucky and pick up a light machine gun, two boxes of ammunition and a sack of hand grenades. With two of the grenades and the machine gun using half-a-box of ammunition at your hastily built roadblock the next night, you and your friends are able to pirate an enemy truck full of arms and ammunition. Some of the cargo is sticky with fresh blood, but you don’t mind terribly.

After a few days of these small attacks, you’ve got the best armed little guerrilla unit in your part of the world, all started from that cheap little pistol and the one man army courage to use it. One wonders if the current U.S. political elite’s opposition to all guns might come from some memory of previous failed tyrants. Even a cheap little pistol is a lethal big threat to oppressive governments.


Now let’s consider the strategic aspect of the question, “What good can a ONE MAN ARMY with only a handgun do against an army….?”

We have just learned that even one little pistol can make a great deal of difference to the military career and postwar plans of one enemy soldier. That’s the tactical thinking. Now consider what millions of one man armies with only pistols and rifles can do.

Newly released (2020) figures from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives shows that there are now a whopping 422.9 MILLION guns in the hands of the free American people. That number equates to 1.2 guns for every individual in the country. The ATF figures also show that in 2018, 8.1 billion rounds of ammunition were produced by the gun industry. This reality paralyzes any military planner who seeks to carry out offensive operations against the American populace so well armed.

If only ONE American in a hundred actually stands up to fight – that is a 3 million man defensive force already armed and trained with their own weapons averaging 1.2 guns and 2,700 bullets per man.  This would be the world’s largest and strongest army.   


In reality, if and when a shooting war breaks out, 25% of the people would actually stand up and  fight.  This means that about 80 million well armed people would oppose any aggression by an oppressive government – foreign or domestic.

Now you begin to understand the fact that modern military munitions, air superiority and overwhelming, precision-guided violence still are not enough to make victory certain when the targets are not sitting still, Christmas present fashion out in the middle of the desert.

Now consider the fact that there are more civilian firearms — handguns, rifles and shotguns — than there are people in the United States.

Consider that last year there were more than 14 million Americans who bought licenses to hunt deer in the country. 14 million — that’s a number greater than the largest five professional armies in the world combined.

Consider also that those deer hunters are not only armed, but they already own other items of survival and military equipment — everything from camouflage survival clothing to infrared “game finders”, amateur radio communications, global positioning system devices, quad copter reconnaissance drones, and night vision scopes. In military operations, reconnaissance or scouting is the exploration outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and other hostile activities in the area. Many Americans also own boats, planes, and off road vehicles.


Consider also that quite a few of these 14 MILLION hunters are highly skilled military veterans. Moving around in the woods and stalking any type of animals is their second nature, military operations are no mystery to them, especially those men who were in the jungle guerrilla war in Southeast Asia. Indeed, such men, though aging now, may be more psychologically prepared for the exigencies of a U.S. civil war (for this is what we are talking about) than their younger active-duty brother – soldiers whose only military experience involved neatly defined desert enemies and weak fortifications in the Grand Campaign against Saddam.

Not since the Civil War between the states in 1861-1865 has the American military attempted to wage a full war against its own people nor has it ever had to use modern conventional munitions on the main streets of its own hometowns and through its’ relatives backyards. Nor has the American military tested, the obedience of modern soldiers who took an oath to defend their country, with new orders to now kill their crazy “rebellious” American neighbors and even the soldier’s own families.

But forget the psychological and political questions for a moment, and consider just the raw numbers. To paraphrase Senator Everett Dirksen, “A million pistols here, a million rifles there, pretty soon you’re talking serious firepower.”


No one, repeat, no one, will conquer America, from within or without, until its citizenry are disarmed. We remain, as a British officer had reason to complain at the start of our Revolution, “a people numerous and armed.” The Constitution’s Second Amendment is a political issue today only because of the military reality that underlies it. Politicians who fear the people seek to disarm them. The American people who fear the government refuse to be disarmed. The Founders understood this. So, too, does every government tyrant who ever lived.

Click to see some amazing pictures and read the story about the people of Virginia meeting together in December 2019 to oppose their state politician gun grabbers.

Liberty – loving Americans forget this only at their own peril.  The 150 million American gun owners in the aggregate represent a strategic military fact and an impediment to foreign tyranny. They also represent the greatest political challenge to home-grown would-be tyrants. If the people cannot be forcibly disarmed against their will, then they must be persuaded to give up their arms voluntarily. This is the siren song of “gun control,” which is to say “government control of all guns and people,” although corrupt Democrat gun-grabbers such as Charles Schumer would not be quite so bold as to phrase it so honestly.

Joseph Stalin, when informed after World War II that the Pope disapproved of Russian troops occupying Trieste, turned to his advisors and asked, “The Pope? The Pope? How many military divisions does he have?” Dictators are unmoved by moral persuasion.

Fortunately, our Founders saw the wisdom of backing up the First Amendment with the Second. The “divisions” of the civilian army of American constitutional liberty get into their cars and drive to work in this country every day to jobs that are hardly military in nature. Most of them are unmindful of the liberty service they provide. Their arms depots may be found in innumerable home closets, gun racks and gun safes. They have no appointed officers, nor will they need any until they are mobilized by hostile events. Such guardians of our liberty perform this service merely by existing.


And although they may be a diminishing minority within this country, as gun ownership is demonized and discouraged by the ruling elites and the fake news media, still they are as yet more than enough to perform their vital task of protecting our liberty. And even if they are unaware of the impediment they present to their would-be rulers, their would-be rulers are painfully aware of these “protecting divisions of liberty”, as evidenced by their incessant calls for individual gun control and disarmament. The elite understand moral versus military force just as clearly as Stalin, but they would not be so indelicate as to quote him.

The Roman Republic failed because they could not successfully answer the question, “Who Shall Guard the Guards?” The Founders of this Republic answered that question with both the First and Second Amendments. Like Stalin, the Democrats and Clintonistas could care less what common folk say about them, but the concept of the armed citizenry as guarantors of their own liberties sets their teeth on edge and disturbs their statist sleep.

Governments, some great men once avowed, derive their legitimacy only from “the consent of the governed.” In the American country that these men founded, it should not be required to remind anyone that the people do not obtain their natural, God-given liberties from “the consent of the Government.” Yet in this century, our once great constitutional republic has been so profaned in the pursuit of power and social engineering by corrupt democrat leaders as to be unrecognizable to the Founding Fathers.

And in large measure we have ourselves to blame because at each crucial step along the way the usurpers of our liberties have obtained the consent of a majority of the governed to do what they have done, often in the name of “democracy” — a political system rejected by the Founders. A good friend gave the best description of pure democracy I have ever heard. “Democracy,” he concluded, “is three wolves and a sheep sitting down to vote on what to have for dinner.” The rights of the sheep in a democracy are by no means guaranteed.

Our present wolf – like, would-be rulers are, most desirous that all the sheep be shorn by taxes, and if possible and when necessary, be reminded of their rightful place in society as “good citizen sheep” whose safety from the big bad wolves outside their barn doors is only guaranteed by the omni – presence in the barn of the “good wolves” of the government. Indeed, they do not present themselves as wolves at all, but rather these murderers parade around in sheep’s clothing, bleating insistently in falsetto about the welfare of the flock and the necessity to surrender our liberty and property “for the children”, er, ah,  I mean “the lambs.”

In order to ensure future generations of compliant sheep, they are careful to mandate that the government controlled schools educate the lambs in the way of “political correctness,” tutoring them in the totalitarian faiths that “it takes a barnyard to raise a lamb” and “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Every now and then, some tough old independent-minded ram refuses to be shorn and tries to remind the sheeple flock that they once decided affairs themselves according to the rule of law of their ancestors, and without the help of their “betters.”


When that happens, the government’s fangs become apparent and the conspicuously unwilling sheeple are shunned, cowed, driven off and (occasionally) killed. But flashing teeth or not, the majority of the flock has learned over time not to resist the ruling class which herds it. The Founders, who were fiercely independent rams, would have long ago chased off or killed such usurpers. Any present members of the flock who think independently like that today are denounced as antediluvian or mentally deranged. There are some of these independent dissidents that the government would like to harshly punish, but they dare not do so — for those ram’s have 422 million teeth that are every bit as long and sharp as their “betters.”

Indeed, this is the only reason the government wolves haven’t eaten more of the sheep. To the wolves chagrin, this portion of the flock is armed and they outnumber the wolves by a considerable margin. For now the wolves are content to watch the numbers of these “armed sheep” diminish, as long sharp teeth are no longer fashionable in polite society. Indeed, they are considered by the literati to be an anachronism best forgotten and such rams are dismissed by the elites as “Truth Nuts” or “Right Wing Fanatics”. When the numbers of armed sheep fall below a level that the wolves can feel safe to do so, the controlling and concentrated eating will begin. The elite government wolves are patient, and proceed by infinitesimal small regulatory decrees, like slowly boiling a frog. It took the elite generations to lull the sheep into accepting them as absolute rulers instead of mere elected representatives. If it takes another generation or two of sheeple to complete the process, the wolves can wait.  This is our present day “Animal Farm,” without apology to George Orwell.

Sheeple is a derogatory term that highlights the passive herd behavior of people easily controlled by a governing power which likens them to sheep, a herd animal that is easily led about. The sheeple term is used to describe those weak people who voluntarily acquiesce to all government mandates without any critical analysis or research in large part only because others possess a similar mindset.

Even so, the truth is that one man with only a pistol CAN defeat an army, given a righteous cause to fight for, enough determination to risk death for that cause, and enough brains, luck and friends to win the struggle. This is true not only in war but also in politics, and it is not necessary to be a Prussian militarist to see it.

The dirty little secret of today’s ruling elite as represented by the Democrat Clintonistas is that they want people of conscience and principle to be divided in as many ways as possible (“wedge issues” the consultants call them) so that they may be more easily manipulated. No issue of race, religion, class or economics is left unexploited.

Lost in the din of jostling special interests are the few voices who point out that if we refuse to be divided from what truly unites us as a people, we cannot be defeated on the large issues of principle, faith, the constitutional republic and the rule of law. More importantly, woe and ridicule will be heaped upon anyone who points out that like the blustering Wizard of Oz, the federal tax and regulation machine is not as omniscient, omnipotent or fearsome as they would have us believe. Like the Wizard, they fan the scary flames higher and shout, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

For the truth is, they are frightened that we will find out how pitifully few they are compared to the mass of the citizenry they seek to frighten into compliance with their tax collections, property seizures and bureaucratic, unconstitutional power-shifting. I strongly recommend everyone see the entire animated movie “A Bug’s Life”. It is on YouTube. Simple truths may often be found in unlikely places, protected from the pelting storm of media lies that drown us everyday. “A Bug’s Life”, is just such a place.

The plot revolves around an ant hill on an unnamed island, where the ants placate predatory grasshoppers by offering them each year one-half of the food they gather (sounds a lot like the IRS 50 percent taxes, right?). Driven to desperation by the insatiable tax demands of the large, fearsome grasshoppers, one enterprising ant goes abroad seeking bug mercenaries who will return with him and defend the anthill when the grasshoppers return. (If this sounds a lot like an animated “Magnificent Seven”, you’re right.) The grasshoppers, roar about like the ATF in black helicopters, are, at one point in the movie, lounging around in a “bug cantina” down in Mexico, living off the bounty of the land. The harvest seeds they eat are dispensed one at a time from an upturned bar bottle. One grasshopper suggests to their leader, a menacing fellow named “Hopper” that they should forget about the poor ants on the island. Here, they say, we can live off the fat of the land, why worry about some upstart ants? Hopper turns on the others instantly. “Would you like a seed?” he quietly asks one. “Sure,” answers the skeptical grasshopper thug. “Would you like one?” Hopper asks the other. “Yeah,” says he. Hopper manipulates the spigot on the bar bottle twice, and throws the seeds to them.

“So, you want to know why we have to go back to the island, do you?” Hopper asks menacingly, “I’ll show you why!” he shouts, removing the cap from the bottle entirely with one quick blow. The seeds, no longer restrained by the cap, respond to gravity and rush out all at once, inundating three grasshoppers and crushing them. Hopper turns to his remaining fellow grasshoppers and shrieks, “That’s why!” Hopper then explains, “Don’t you remember the upstart ant on that island? They outnumber us a hundred to one. How long do you think we’ll last if they ever figure that out?” “If the ants are not frightened of us,” Hopper tells them, “our game is finished. We’re finished.” Of course it comes as no surprise that in the end the ants do figure that out.  Here is the clip ….

If only all liberty-loving Americans were as smart as animated ants. Courage to stand against tyranny, fortunately, is not only found on videotape. Courage flows from the heart, from the twin roots of deeply-held principle and faith in God. There are American heroes living today who have not yet performed the deeds of principled courage that future history books will record. They have not yet had to stand in the gap, to plug it with their own fragile bodies and lives against the evil that portends. Not yet have they been required to pledge “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.” Yet they will have to.

I believe with all my heart the lesson that history teaches: That each and every generation of Americans is given, along with the liberty and opportunity that is their heritage, the duty to defend America against the tyrannies of their day. Our father’s fathers fought this same fight. Our mother’s mother’s mothers fought it as well. From the Revolution through the world wars, from the Cold War through to the Gulf, they fought to secure their liberty in conflicts great and small, within and without.



They stood faithful to the oath that our Founders gave us: To bear true faith and allegiance–not to a man; not to the land; not to a political party, but to an idea. The idea is liberty, as codified in the Constitution of the United States. We swear, as did they, an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And throughout the years they paid in blood and treasure the terrible price of that oath. That was their day. This is ours. The clouds we can see on the horizon today may be a simple rain or a vast hurricane, but there is a storm coming. Make no mistake.

Lincoln said that this nation cannot long exist half slave and half free. I say, if I may humbly paraphrase, that this nation cannot long exist one-third slave, one-third uncommitted, and one-third free. The slavery today is of the mind and soul not just the body, but it is slavery without a doubt that the Clintons and their Democrat toadies are pushing.

It is slavery to worship our nominally-elected representatives as our rulers instead of requiring their trustworthiness as our servants. It is slavery of the mind and soul that demands that the God-given rights that our Forefathers secured with their blood and sacrifice be traded for the false security of a nanny-state which will tend to our “legitimate needs” as they are perceived by that government. It is slavery of a more modern style that extorts half of our incomes to pay, like the slaves of old, for the privilege of serving and supporting our master’s corrupt regime.

It is slavery to worship humanism as religion and slavery to deny life and liberty to unborn Americans. As people of faith in God, whatever our denomination, we are in bondage on a plantation system that steals our money; seizes our property; denies our ancient liberties; denies even our very history, supplanting it with sanitized and politicized “correctness”; denies our children a real public education; denies them even the mention of God in school; denies, in fact, the very existence of God.

So finally we are faced with, the moral component of the question: “What good can a handgun do against an army?” The answer is “Nothing,” or “Everything.” The outcome depends entirely upon the mind and heart and soul of the man or woman who holds it. One may also ask, “What good can a sling in the hands of a boy do against a marauding giant?” If your cause is just and righteous much can be done, but only if you are willing to risk the consequences of failure and to bear the burdens of eternal vigilance.



I read a plaque the other day, upon it is written these words by Winston Churchill, a man who knew much about fighting tyranny:

“Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

The Spartans at Thermopylae knew this. The fighting Jews of Masada knew this, when every man, woman and child died rather than submit to Roman tyranny. The Texans who died at the Alamo knew this. The frozen patriots of Valley Forge knew this. The “expendable men” of Bataan and Corregidor knew this. If there is one lesson of Hitlerism and the Holocaust, it is that free men, if they wish to remain free, must resist would-be tyrants at the first opportunity and at every opportunity. Remember that whether they the come as conquerors or elected officials, the men who secretly wish to be your murderers must first convince you that you must accept them as your masters.

Remember this brave Chinese man in Beijing?

He did not even have a pistol to stop the tanks in his city.

Free men and women must not wait until they are “selected”, divided and herded into modern day Warsaw Ghettos, there to finally fight desperately, almost without weapons, and die outnumbered. The government tyrant must be met at the door when he appears. At your door, or mine, wherever he shows his bloody appetite. He must be met by the little pistol which can defeat an army. He must be met at every door, for in truth we outnumber him and his henchmen. It matters not whether they call themselves Communists or Nazis or something else. It matters not what flag they fly, nor what uniform they wear. It matters not what excuses they give for stealing your liberty, your property or your life. “By their works ye shall know them.”

The time is late. Those who once had trouble reading the hour on their watches have no trouble seeing by the glare of the fire at Waco. Few of us realized at the time that the Constitution was burning right along with the religious Davidians. Today we know better.


The Waco siege was the attack on the compound belonging to the religious sect Branch Davidians, carried out by American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. Suspecting the religious group of stockpiling illegal weapons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) raided the ranch. An intense gun battle erupted, resulting in the deaths of four government agents and six Branch Davidians. Upon the ATF’s failure to raid the compound, a siege lasting 51 days was initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack which sparked the fire which engulfed the Center. The American government killed, by burning alive, 76 Branch Davidians, including 20 children, two pregnant women and David Koresh.

The Waco massacre and the federal law enforcement killing of Vicki Weaver and her son Sammy(14) at Ruby Ridge less than twelve months earlier, have been cited by commentators as catalysts for the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols (a 2 man army).  The bombing happened in daylight at 9:02 am and killed 168 people. including women and children, injured more than 680 others, and totally demolished one-third of the federal building (later torn down). The blast destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius, shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, and destroyed or burned 86 cars, causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage.

We have had that horrible image of Americans burned to death by the government for years now. Years in which the rule of law and the battered old parchment of our Constitution have been smashed, shredded and besmirched by the Democrat Clintonistas. The Democrats were in power and Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001 during these government attacks against the American people. In this process they have been aided and abetted by the cowardly incompetence of the “opposition” Republican leadership, a fact made crystal clear by the Waco hearings.  We have forgotten Daniel Webster’s warning:

“Miracles do not cluster. Hold on to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands — what has happened once in six thousand years may never happen again. Hold on to your Constitution, for if the American Constitution shall fail there will be anarchy throughout the world.”

Look at the Hong Kong protestors in 2019 standing against their Chinese government by waving AMERICAN flags and singing our national anthem…. click here and read the comments while it is playing.


Yet even being able to see what has happened inside the USA has not helped us reverse, or even slow down, our government’s evil process. The sad fact is that we may have to resign ourselves to the prospect of using our 422 million weapons to maintain our constitutional principles and our liberty in the face of becoming a disenfranchised minority within our own country. The middle third of the populace, it seems, will continue to tremble in fear of the enemies of the Constitution until their comfort level with the economy is endangered.

The Republicans, who we thought would represent our interests and protect the Constitution and the rule of law, have demonstrated themselves to be only political eunuchs. The last presidential election was one between “the lawless Democrats and the gutless Republicans.” the voting results were almost a 50 – 50 split. The spectacular political failures of our current leaders are unrivaled in our history unless you recall the unprincipled jockeying for position and tragi-comedy of misunderstanding and miscommunication which lead to our first Civil War.

And make no mistake, it is civil war which may be the most horrible corollary of the Law of Unintended Consequences as it applies to the Democrat Clintonistas and their destruction of the rule of law. Because such weak people have no cause for which they are willing to die (all morality being relativistic to them, and all principles compromisable), they cannot fathom the motives or behavior of people who believe that there are some principles worth fighting and dying for.

Out of such failures of understanding come bloody wars. Particularly because although such elitists would not risk their own necks in a fight, they have no compunction about ordering others in their pay to fight for them. It is not the deaths of others, but their own deaths, that they fear. I do not fear my own death, but rather I am commanded by God to live in such a way as to make my death a homecoming. That this makes me incomprehensible and threatening to those who wish to be my masters is something I can do little about. I would suggest to them that they not poke their godless, tyrannical noses down my alley. As the coiled rattlesnake flag of the Revolution bluntly stated: “Don’t Tread on Me!”, or as the state motto of Alabama says: “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

But can that little handgun really defeat an army?     Yes.

It remains to be seen whether the struggle of our generation against the tyrants of our day in the first decades of the 21st Century will bring a restoration of liberty and the rule of law or a dark and bloody descent into chaos and slavery. If it is to be the former, I will meet you at the new Yorktown. If it is to be the latter, I will meet you at Masada. But I will not be a slave. And I know that whether we succeed or fail, if we should fall along the way, our graves will one day be visited by other free Americans, thanking us that we did not forget that, with help of Almighty God, in the hands of a free man a little handgun CAN DEFEAT any tyrant’s army.


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