There is no more personal privacy.  Invisible government agents and many private corporations now have the capability, and the legal authority, to spy on people anywhere in the world. They routinely watch, listen to and record everything that you do or say and then store your information in huge interconnected computerized databases.

Subtle and more far-reaching means of invading privacy have become available to the government. Discovery and invention have made it possible for the government, by means far more effective than stretching on the rack, to obtain disclosure in court of what is whispered in the closet.

US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis


The development of new powerful computers able to centrally store and process large amounts of information revolutionized government snooping. In addition to the billions of tax dollars spent developing law enforcement applications, the government has used the new computer systems to increase the efficiency and reach of its bureaucracies to control all the people.

At the same time, the private sector, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others have expanded their profit-making data storage possibilities. Companies offering telephone, credit card, banking, and all other consumer services began using massive networked computer systems not only to increase efficiency, but also to supply credit, marketing, and other money making schemes.


Now, detailed information on every person in the developed world is computerized into several thousand databases then collected, analyzed, and widely disseminated by governments and corporations. Increasingly, these computers are linked up and sharing their cyber-gossip. Using high speed networks with advanced intelligence and single identification numbers such as the Social Security or driver license number, computers can create instant, comprehensive dossiers on millions of people without the need for a centralized computer system. New developments in genetic and medical research and care, advanced transportation systems, and financial transfers have dramatically increased the quantity of detail available.

A body of national and international laws and agreements facilitates the rapid transfer of information across state and national borders and frequently prevents local and national communities from regulating against invasions of privacy. Lawmakers, allow credit information bureaus such as Equifax to compile giant databases of medical records without notifying patients, and they further restrict the states from passing laws to protect privacy.

It does not matter if you wear your chains openly, or partly hidden as they are today in America. The condition of slavery exists nevertheless. Any time you can be arrested or called into court at the mere whim of the state or if any of your property can be seized by the government or any of its agents, you are a slave. The government may make ANY law they want, including laws that take your property, your family, or even your life. The government owns EVERYTHING in the country, including you.

Many people believe that you simply cannot vanish and still maintain a presence on the internet. This is not entirely true. There are many “tools” and technique that would help a person avoid the mistakes and which would keep you from being discovered for 30 days or even for 30 years. Many of those tools and techniques are detailed on the other sections of this website. Here are a few things that can be learned from the Guru to make your vanishing act last longer than 30 days.

Because the government can listen in on you and follow your web wanderings any time they want, use only a quality Virtual Private Network “VPN”, like Proton or Nord secure core VPN. If you can afford it, and you have enough technical  expertise to set it up,  route all your net traffic through two connected VPNs.

Don’t ever use Google for searches. Don’t use Google or Apple Maps. Don’t use FB or Twitter or Insta.

Use DuckDuckGo for searches. Use only the Onion, Dissenter, Brave, or Tor Browser. Use Telegram or GAB.  

Never send any e-mail going through Silicon Valley. Start weening yourself from web mail, ASAP (e.g., Yahoo; Google; MSN; AOL). Re-route all e-mail, to your own domain, via your desktop client (e.g., Brave or Tor browser). Try out Protonmail. Start the process in earnest, closing and shuttering your profiles on Facebook and Twitter, ASAP –

Are these perfect solutions? No. But it is better than having no protection at all.

All that just to read the news.

The government persecution has started. Don’t kid yourself.

Resources Allocated To Finding You

Do not attract lots of attention and get people to allocate their time and talents searching for you. The more resources allocated to finding you, the harder it will be for you to vanish, but it is still possible (think bin Laden).

Don’t make your intention to vanish known to thousands of people. Being discreet about vanishing keeps resources from being allocated to search for you. If your intention is to vanish because of serious criminal behavior, you will have a very difficult time vanishing because lots of powerful government and other resources will be deployed in your search. If you are vanishing for honest reasons, the same level of resources will probably not be allocated to locating you and you will find it easier to vanish.


Personal Profiling of Everyday Habits

Using cash instead of credit cards is an excellent method of maintaining privacy in the short term. Be aware that investigators will access your bank account statements, credit card statements, email and other personally revealing information if they are following you. This kind of access would be significantly limited if your bank accounts are in countries which have strong bank privacy laws. If you only used cash, your trail will not be completely exposed within hours. One weakness is that you should have practiced privacy principles of anonymous transactions your entire life. From your historical spending habits and other readily available personal information, followers are able to compile a profile which will help searchers discover your alias Facebook and Twitter accounts, which keep the trail of your general whereabouts warm, and eventually lead them to find you.

If you continually practice good privacy habits like anonymous web surfing, using cash in transactions, avoiding consumer databases, not receiving mail at your residence, and others, your personal profile will be very difficult to piece together in any way that might be incriminating. The longer you have been following good privacy principles to partially vanish, the easier it will be for you to completely vanish.


Social Media Missteps

You should create new social media profiles using some real pictures of yourself and use those to leave false and misleading clues about your whereabouts. Even though these profiles are sometimes “secure,” you still should add contacts that are people and groups that are strangers to you. Investigators will contact many of those false acquaintances after suspecting that the profile might have belonged to you (the fact that there was such tight security on the accounts actually raise the investigators suspicions). The investigators might also create their own fake profiles to try and get you to connect with them through the social media sites. Those acquaintances, and the fake connections produced information that might lead to your “capture.”

Here is a video from China showing how they interrogate a man – THE NEXT DAY – after he posted on social media. The US government is already monitoring everybody on the internet, and this interrogation style is coming to the USA ….


As I have mentioned before, social media can be useful if used wisely. Having the desired privacy settings on your account is a good start. The critical part to do is to screen social media connections, allowing only people that you trust sufficiently with the information that you give them to become part of your network. Only connect with people if you are sure that you know who is really behind the profile.


Anonymous Web Surfing

You can, on occasion, use free anonymizing software like Tor, to try and hide your actual physical location. You also can use wireless internet regularly. These are excellent steps which will in fact conceal your location. Even though your use of proxy servers will disguise your actual location, you must always use them while using your fake social media accounts.

Tor is an excellent free tool to hide your IP address and is very effective. Other anonymous web surfing tools can be easier to use and offer more privacy. The more you use these tools, the better you will become at operating anonymously and the more difficult it will be to gather your personal information. Even if there are websites that you would be expected to visit, which a good investigation would be monitoring to see if they can figure out which IP address is yours, anonymous web surfing will probably keep them from discovering that you are even visiting those sites, let alone your actual physical location.


If you follow good privacy practices as discussed on this website, you can vanish in a digital age and still maintain a web presence. In fact, this web presence allows you to save a lot on TAXES  if you are able to domicile yourself in one of the tax-free states, even if you spend all of your time on the road.

                Welcome to the modern “Amerika.”