All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  Smart phones should be destroyed to protect yourself.

Your smart phone is a handheld personal computer with a mobile operating system and an integrated mobile broadband cellular network connection for voice, SMS, and Internet data communication; most, if not all, smart phones also support Wi-Fi. Smart phones are typically pocket-sized, as opposed to tablet computers, which are much larger. Big Technology is predatory. Right now through smart phones and apps, Big Tech is softening you (and your kids) up for a lifetime of exploitation and control. It is essential that you destroy your smartphones to protect yourself.


Today all governments are pushing their globalist agenda onto us. However, people are slowly waking up and voting them out of office – thanks to the people who are still able to think for themselves. It is exactly like George Orwell’s omnipresent government surveillance running through your smart phone! In his classic novel 1984, George Orwell depicts the nation of Oceana ruled by Big Brother- government in control of all aspects of life through constant video surveillance and the control over peoples’ beliefs and opinions. The Thought Police, charged with maintaining order and love of Big Brother, keeps careful watch over and total control of the citizenry. The vain struggles of Orwell’s protagonist to win a small slice of liberty serve as a stark allegory of totalitarianism’s threat at the dawn of the Privacy War. The advent of the Information Age raises old concerns about protecting your personal privacy and proprietary information, including your medical and financial data, from the government, private companies, and other individuals.

China runs on smart phones and the social credit system today — and in the U.S. this is just starting to be implemented now. You are being groomed …


Technology today is gearing all humanity towards an absolute form of slavery, the distracted masses of sheeple have not yet awoken to this fact. Combined with social crediting scores this will be a dystopian nightmare. There’s a Netflix Black Mirror episode, from season three episode one, exactly like this video showing the social point system applied to everyday living.  It is hard to believe that it would actually become real life.

The truth is they are out for our lives with the implementation of the new 5G cellular system, a totally untested, for negative health effects, technology that we do not need. We have enough insanity in the world and yet here we are with the Chinese leading the charge up the new 5G mountain. Of course, if you listen to and believe the mainstream media, 5G is safe, just like when the government told us all the chemicals and radiation and heavy metals were safe.  Don’t believe the government when they tell you, “Sit there in front of your TV, there is nothing to worry about.”  They have no proof – zero – that it really is safe to be constantly surrounded and “cooked” by 5G microwave radiation.

The harm being inflicted on us is rational and deliberate. The real function of the spying by smart phones and smart TVs is to render the common population ignorant and manageable. To achieve that end, young people are now being brainwashed and conditioned by smart phones and apps, to rely only upon the smart phones’ government experts, and to remain separated from their natural family and friends and to accept disconnections from their own real life experiences.


The young people are being discouraged from developing any self thought, self-reliance or any form of independence. People say that the zombie apocalypse could never happen, well just take a walk out in any metropolitan area and watch all the people stumbling around while staring blankly into their phones. It’s already happening – it is here now!


The young are being indoctrinated at school and over the internet with smart phones. If you think there isn’t some major force of evil behind most the developments in this world, you are sorely mistaken. We have all seen on TV a reporter in the street asking simple questions of young college students – that are unable to answer even simple questions on current events – history or the government.


Nothing these days is created without some form of gaining control over others. The elites, run the show right now.. This is why we need to stop it now or it will become another cataclysmic society reset like many times before. People will never realize how good freedom really feels until it’s gone forever.

People actually laughed when they saw a piece of tape over my phone camera lens, and when it was explained why – people were shocked that any intelligence agency could trigger your smart phone camera unknown to the user. Many times when watching something political on a smart phone the camera will flash all by itself. The phone flashes constantly like they are taking pictures of me and the video that is playing or what the smart phone camera is pointing at. We continually tell friends to cover their camera lenses but get told you are paranoid. We taped over the camera lens, but the bottom line is to get permanently rid of the smart phone.

There is certainly a difference between using a computer at home and carrying a smartphone around with you all day. Sure, your PC listens, and monitors your activity and data will be gathered about your online habits, but if you toss Windows for Ubuntu Linux and use Duck Duck go to search over the TOR network, you can be fairly safe. The desktop PC is nothing compared with your phone recording every move you make all day, especially when you are also using the phone to conveniently to pay on the go. There really is no way to stop the location tracking. It’s an illusion that we can control this. It is ALWAYS ON. They are properly called GPS trackers and they work even when you think that you turned them off in your phone.

Get an old Android phone (preferably with a removable battery) and flash a Custom ROM based on AOSP and root it. It takes a bit of research on the internet but it’s not difficult. Install AdAway to block the ad networks and trackers, and install a firewall such as AFWall+. The phone will still try and contact Google when it boots (for what purpose we are not sure) but it can be blocked. Also, don’t install the Google Play Services framework. This will get rid of most of the issues. Stop using apps that spy on you like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Use a no-logs retained VPN, and more secure email and messaging, such as Telegram, Gab and Protonmail. Use only the TOR browser.

For Android there’s an online repository of free and open source apps called F-Droid (this is available as an app, downloadable from the site). There is a maps app called OSMand+. This is almost as good as Google Maps in every respect. Running a bare bones Android without the Google crap (aka the ‘Gapps package’) feels quite liberating. Your device is way faster. Some apps will tell you that they need Google Play Services to work, but then they simply work anyway!

There are free and open source apps for a YouTube front end (use Bitchute preferably, although there’s no open commenting system at present). There’s a free and open source version of the Play Store (called Aurora) which you can use with a temporary ‘account’ to download apps. Keep a normal Android phone to download paid apps from the store, and then extract the APKs, keep a backup of them and transfer them to your Google-less phone.

Do not use your smart phone to buy from a store or to pay any of your bills. You should resist and fight against this new and growing cashless society. Pay only with cash. Practice minimum use of credit cards also. It is another massive set up towards complete population control.

This cashless society really scares us. One friend had his bank account drained by a credit card company that had a corrupt attorney illegally getting liens against bank accounts. He finally got the money back but it was years later. The crooked judge and attorney were prosecuted for the scam but only had to pay small fines. For the couple thousand other people who were damaged by this theft, it was devastating. Stop using store loyalty credit cards. Keep using only cash.


“You can check out anytime you like,

                                                            but  you can never leave.”