Mark Twain once said that "If voting made a difference,
they wouldn't let us do it. "

For each election we should all go to the polls and start voting
AGAINST every single incumbent running for re-election, regardless of his or her party or so-called philosophy.

Can you imagine what a shock it would be if they all were defeated? Washington D.C. and your state would never be the same again, and that, would be a very good thing.

The point is that the present politicians have neglected the common good. They are literally making a mess of what was once and could be again a great country. They’re bankrupting it. They are allowing the manufacturing base to be stolen by cheap foreign labor. They won’t guard the borders. They have, in fact, sold out the American people to all the lobbyists who hover over them like a swarm of locusts. They let us get into wars we shouldn’t be in. They refuse to provide the vigorous oversight the Constitution authorizes. They even refuse to act like an independent branch of government. The Republican Party has, in effect, imposed on us the parliamentary system, where the legislature becomes the lap dog of the executive branch.

Throw ’em all out. Doing that would even help solve the federal-debt problem. Tossing out a politician before he or she becomes vested in that goldmine-of-the-universe retirement system that they voted themselves would save taxpayers millions of dollars.

One term in the legislature, House, or Senate is enough for any citizen. Don’t get fooled by the so-called value of experience. The experience they gain is the same as whores and thieves. Inexperience can be a virtue, and experience can be a vice.

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t worry that you might replace your incumbent with someone less qualified. The probability of finding people who could be more incompetent and neglectful of their duty than the present crop of politicians ranges between zero and minus one.

These nabobs and bloviators can’t even write a lucid law. I listened to them debate the other day, and what they were arguing about was an editorial statement they wanted to insert into a bill. A bill should not have any editorial statements in it.

We are a nation of about 350 million people. In Washington D.C. only 435 members of the House, 100 senators, one vice president (if there is a tie in the Senate), one president and nine Supreme Court justices make all the federal laws and rules and regulations that control the rest of us.  The reason they call this a “DEMOCRACY” is because only 546 people entirely control the other 350 million.  This is only 0.00000156 percent of the elite controlling the other deplorable 99.99999844 percent of us.  When is the last time your congress critter called you to ask how they should vote on a new bill?    

Here is a great video from Larken Rose that shows how ridiculous this really is —

You can walk down any street in America and find more common sense, good will, competence and concern for the public good than you can find in Washington D.C. or your state capital.  Are you telling me we can’t find good men and women to replace the ones who have failed in their duty?  That the present members of the government represent the best people available in the United States?  God forbid. We have not sunk that low.  You could pick men and women from any small city in America, pick them at random, and you’d have a vastly improved state and federal legislature.  Ask yourself if you had ever heard of your representative before he or she got into politics.  In most cases, the answer will be no.  We no longer attract leaders; we manufacture office-seekers that live on public money.

Let’s face it, folks: We have allowed our political system to deteriorate to the point where it attracts incompetents, crooks and mountebanks. Public office is the only place where many of these people can hope to make a decent living.  Well, we have the power to make a real change.  Just takes turning out, ignoring the slick lobbyist-paid-for campaign ads and voting against the incumbents.

Tell me, why should we put up with such nonsense? Why should we pay our employees in these agencies for the privilege of having them abuse us? We are free men and women. Let us send these government swine to their just deserts in a world where they have to work extremely hard for whatever little money they can earn, just like the rest of us.

Do your present legislator, representative and senator a favor.  Send them back home to stay with the folks they claim to love.



                  Questions to ask YOUR new political candidate –BEFORE– you vote.

If you get a chance to chat with one of your local political candidates at a rally or picnic in your hometown, please don’t fall into the old trap of just asking “What are you going to do to get more funding for (insert your favorite government funded program here)?”

Instead, ask some of the great questions below. If you still believe this is the “land of the free,” the garbled answers you hear — or the look of horror that comes on their face before he or she runs away — will shock you.

If you don’t get to see them face to face — then by all means include some or all of these questions in a letter to your favorite political wanna-be.  If you really want an answer then include the statement that, “You and your family will not be able to vote for them or send a campaign donation unless they are conscientious enough to timely reply to this letter and answer your questions.”

Enjoy the fireworks……..

1) Is the Constitution and its guarantees still valid and accessible by the Citizens?

2) Can law makers enact legislation for any purpose deemed “in the public interest,” or are they limited to only those functions for which they’ve been delegated specific powers?

3) Can you name some areas where the government could probably do some good, but where it has no delegated power to act?

4) If you can’t name any such areas, is it still accurate to say Americans have a “government of limited powers”?     Does this matter?

5) The phrase, “Congress shall make no law…”  means what?

6) Can you name any existing government departments or programs not specifically authorized in the state’s (or the nation’s) founding documents?

7) Do you feel that the government should retain control of the schools and regulate all education?   What changes would you make to improve the schools?

8) What qualifies politicians to “discuss” standards, let alone impose them upon others?

9) Are all public officials and employees, both elected and appointed, bound to obey the will of the people as directed by the Constitution ?   If not, Why?

10) What are the circumstances, if any, under which any public official or employee is allowed to violate any provision of the Constitution?   If none, how should they be punished for each violation?

11) Should someone who has sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, but who then is dishonest or outright lies to the people, be removed from public office and imprisoned?   If not, why not? If yes, for how long?

12) Should someone who has sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, but who then votes to allocate tax funds to programs or departments not authorized by that Constitution, be punished?   If not, why not? If yes, what punishment ?

13) Can you name a current tax or fee that you would repeal?

14) Can you name even one government program that improves All the people’s lives?

15) Are residents of our state free to engage in any business they choose?   Why not?

16) Is operating a business for profit a privilege, for which a citizen should have to apply for a permit or license, and pay a fee or tax to the government?   Would you favor any changes in this regard?  What are your changes?

17) Is operating a personal automobile a privilege, for which a citizen should have to apply for a permit or license, and pay a fee or tax to the government?   Would you favor any changes in this regard?   What are your changes?

18) Should residents of this state have a right to carry handguns openly or concealed, for their protection, without applying for or receiving a “permit”?   Why or why not?

19) If a police officer stops a car in which the driver is carrying a legal pistol, with a permit, should the officer disarm the driver before proceeding to write a ticket?   Why or why not?

20) Do we need more “gun control” (victim disarmament) laws?   If so, name one new “gun control” law you would favor.   If not, can you name a current “gun control” law you would repeal?

21) What is the correct interpretation of the phrase: “…the right of the people… shall not be infringed”?

22) Are the court processes, as currently practiced, in harmony with the Constitution?

23) A judge may only evaluate the information(evidence) presented at the trial and not use personal knowledge or feelings in any decision, therefore should judges only be lawyers?   Why can’t professors or doctors, or any other citizen be a judge?   How would you change this inequity?

24) Why should only the government be allowed to prosecute or plea bargain a crime?   Why is the victim or the victim’s family not included in all prosecution decisions?

25) Should judges be required to tell jurors that the jury has unlimited powers, including a Right to decide whether the law in question is constitutional and applies in this case?

26) Is it a fair trial if the judge tells the jurors they do NOT have a Right to decide the constitutionality of the law and prevents them from obtaining law reference materials?

27) Should the government be required to furnish the same amount of money to the defense as that it spends on the prosecution, in order to ensure a fair trial?   If not, Why not?

28) Should judges be allowed to continue to prevent defendants from presenting any defense they choose, including asking their own questions or speaking during the trial?   What should be the recourse in case a judge refuses to let the defendant do so?

29) Should the defendant be required to pay the same amount of money to the judge as the prosecutor(government) has, in order to ensure a fair and unbiased decision?   Explain?

30) Should judges exclude prospective jurors after questioning them and determining they do not favor the law which the government’s prosecutor seeks to enforce?

31) Is it jury tampering for the prosecutor or judge (the government) to exclude jurors (the people) from a trial because the juror doesn’t agree with the governments position?

32) If so, why do we still call them “impartial random juries”?

33) Should judges be punished for thus excluding jurors based on “voir dire” questioning?

34) Should judges retain total immunity from prosecution for their crimes?   Why?

35) Alfred the Great executed judges who replaced jurors who refused to convict.   Would this be a good solution for us to adopt, today?   Why not?

36) Should all judicial decisions be fully explained in writing, in order to prevent ignorance of the law?   Why not?

37) Should it be legal for police to search automobiles or people without a warrant?

38) Is it OK for police to lie and tell people that they have to consent to such a search?

39) If a police officer searches without a warrant, should the police officer be arrested and put on trial?   If not, why not?

40) If police serve a search warrant which does not list any firearms, but they find firearms in the house being searched, is it OK for them to seize the firearms anyway?   Why or why not?

41) If the police violate the law when they are making investigations or arrests, should they be arrested for their crimes against society?   If not, Why?   Would you favor a law to alter current practice in this regard?   If so, specify.

42) Can a tax rate be so high that it’s not acceptable?   If so, name a tax rate so high that citizens would be under no moral obligation to pay it.   If you can’t name such a rate, are you saying the government has a right to take 100 percent of what we earn and what we own?

43) Is the war on drugs succeeding?   Can it succeed?

44) Should all drugs be legalized?   If not, why not?

45) Should recreational drug users be arrested and/or committed for psychiatric treatment?

46) Whose powers are limited by the 10th Amendment?

47) Can you think of any ways to improve enforcement of the 10th Amendment?

48) What is the meaning of the phrase: “The powers…are reserved to the states, or to the people…”

49) Should all campaign donations be limited to only those natural persons that can vote for the candidate?   Explain your answer.

50) Should candidates be held criminally liable for any campaign promises they break after being elected?   How long should they be imprisoned for each lie?

51) Should all government employees (civil servants) be criminally liable if they violate their oath of office and the trust of the people?   Why not?

52) Should it be mandatory that all in government respect the people they serve?   Why not?

53) Should it be mandatory that all government employees truthfully and fully respond promptly to any communications from the people?   If no, Why not?

54) Should all such responses from the government be binding in all future actions?

55) Should lawyers be imprisoned when they violate the separation of powers clause of the constitution if they work in any other branch of government other than the judicial branch?   Explain your answer.

56) Should radio and tv stations that present slanted and biased programming or news programs lose their government granted station license (monopoly) because they do not fairly serve the public interest?

57) Is it lawful for the government to create extra-constitutional unelected administrative agencies to rule the people? How would you stop this practice?

58) Explain the exact difference between a REPUBLIC and a DEMOCRACY.

59) The constitution requires that our government be a republic “of the people”, therefore, all elections can only be lawfully determined by a “majority of ALL the people” and not by just a simple “majority of those voting”.   If you are not chosen by a majority of the people to represent them, would you unlawfully assume office based on winning just a majority of the voters?   Explain your answer.

60) Do you feel it is alright for elected officials or any public servant to be paid MORE or receive benefits GREATER than the poorest citizen they serve?   Explain your answer.

61) What exactly does the constitutional phrase “All political power is inherent in the people” mean?   Explain fully.